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Cruise Excursion: Tortola, Day Dream Catamaran

A reminder of why we all love to cruise, the excursions. Here we sail the appropriately named Day Dream catamaran in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. No music, no narration, just the natural sound of the wind (and there's plenty of wind), some history from the crew and a little underwater snorkeling as well.

There's a beautiful, yet frightening barracuda who adopted the boat. Grab a book or a cocktail, put these scenics up on the big screen and enjoy 15 minutes of sails, wind, water, and the beautiful Day Dream catamaran These views are from our Disney Fantasy cruise in the Caribbean. This episode is the second in a series of scenics to help us all get through the current restrictions and take us back to the places we love with no distractions from narration or music.


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