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Gelato-go South Beach, Miami

Perfect after dinner dessert

The Facts:

CUISINE: Dessert, Gelato

LOCATION: 458 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, Florida

WEBSITE: Gelato Go

We decided to walk to Gelato-go after dinner at the Fratelli La Bufala as it was a beautiful evening for a stroll and Gelato Go was only about 5 minutes or so from the restaurant.  My standard for any gelato place is their pistachio because that’s such a classic, Italian flavor. This pistachio tasted like I was eating the actual nuts. It was so amazing.

The chocolate my wife got was so deep and rich, it reminded me of Hershey’s cocoa powder, very very rich chocolate and amazing.

If you’re having dinner in the area, pass on the dessert and take a nice stroll to Gelato-go for an amazing Italian treat.  It’s only a 5 minute walk from the Villa Italia Hotel.  


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