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Sky Princess Alfredo's Pizzeria Review

We try Sky Princess' new complimentary pizza restaurant, Alfredo's Pizzeria

We try out Alfredo's Pizzeria on Sky Princess. Is this new Princess Cruises restaurant the best pizza at sea? For an included dining venue, this really feels more like a specialty dining experience.

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos)

It's lunchtime and we are in Alfredo's Pizzeria. This is an included restaurant in your cruise fare. However, it feels like specialty dining. I mean, they've got the pizza ovens right there. As soon as you come in, they sit you down for lunch. So it's really nice. It's like an elevated, complimentary dining experience and it feels like something you should be paying for.

Pizzas are all made to order. You can either take something right off the menu or you can alter it. You can remove things and think or just come up with your own pizza. I mean, if you walk over there to where they're doing the pizzas, you can see all the ingredients they have. They're really fun folks over there.

So this is an elevated pizza experience for sure. If we've been to include a pizza joint, another cruise lines, and this is a restaurant like we're sitting down in a nice restaurant. And I can tell you from our first experience, we had the eggplant, we had the pasta, and then the pizza that we had the first time was really, really good.

All right. I got my little salami and the pasta out here. Salami. It got some prosciutto on here. And I got some shrimp salad in here, too, so. Yay, good prosciutto. Again, it does not feel like it's a very complimentary restaurant. I feel like I'm eating in a specialty dining restaurant, which is this could be one of my favorite included venues on any cruise ship. It's just so good.

The pizza is out and Stacy got this really cool baguette that sort of kind of like a tuna melts, gotten on it, got cheese on it. I can't remember the name of it, Peter, but it's got shrimp on it and it's supposed to come with mussels. But Rebecca doesn't like mussels. So we said, Hey, no, mussels

So look at that look. I know a nice little crust underneath. Super thin crust. Hand tossed, hand thrown, hand stretch, all that good stuff. Oh, my gosh. That's a really good, Princess is known for having good pizza now they're still Slice two pizza joint that up on the pool deck go to have a slice up by the pool and they got Alfredo's down here. They're both included with your group square peg crust to crush it perfect yeah.

I'll have to look up what it was. It is like a it's like a fancy little tuna melt. There we go. Go with tuna on a baguette with some cheese and tomatoes and onion. Yeah. And it is like an elevated tuna melt if you like. Tuna melt seems like an elevated version of that. Really, really good.

So they do have dessert as well. This included I mean, they got a tiramisu and a few other things. We're just going to skip that. But Alfredo's Pizzeria, truly amazing on the Sky Princess. Come here. Come here often and try some pizza?

Try some sandwiches. They even have calzones. I still got a couple of more days. I could try a calzone. Maybe tomorrow.


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