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Cruise Price Tracking Spreadsheet

Tracking cruise pricing is the best way to save money. There are automated trackers out there both on desktop and via mobile apps, but we find that old-school spreadsheets are the best for us. We might be tracking anywhere from 10 - 20 cruises at any given time, waiting for the right moment to book when it's at the lowest price. Sometimes it's just a few dollars but other times it can be $500 or more savings per person!
Here is a copy of our Cruise Tracker spreadsheet to get you started.
Import the xlsx file into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to use. We tend to track a lot of cabin classes, but just track the ones that are of most interest to you. Duplicate the "Template" sheet to start your own cruise ship tracker and have fun!
Better yet, call us and we'll take care of all the tracking for you. Where’s Walter Travel is your Independent Travel Advisor for cruises, theme parks, group travel, destination weddings and special event travel. We can track and present multiple cruise options for you. Reach out today and let's start planning your next cruise!
Want help with your cruise packing? Check out our handy Cruise Packing List

Where's Walter TV Cruise Price Tracker
Download XLSX • 9KB

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