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ALL FOOD: 20+ eateries on board
ESSENTIAL DRINKS: Soda, Water and More
WiFi: WiFi is a basic Sailor Right
TIPS: No additional gratuities required
GROUP FITNESS: All classes
SHOWS & ENTERTAINMENT: So fresh and different
ROCKSTAR QUARTERS: Fully stocked bar

To say that Virgin Voyages surprised us is an understatement.

By the second day onboard VV had become one of our favorite cruise lines. The food lives up to the hype, the crew is among the most amazing at sea, and the ship itself is a mega-yacht that's well appointed for your every enjoyment.

But we're not going to just write about it, watch the fun to the left, the Sea Change from VV underneath and then see our entire Vlog series from Scarlet Lady below to see our first-hand, honest experience. 

Sailing The Virgin Way

Our honest vlogs from onboard Scarlet Lady

Our Virgin Voyages Cruise Review finds that the Scarlet Lady is a BIG SURPRISE. Watch this honest review to find out why.

Does the Virgin Voyages food in the included 20 eateries live up to the hype? We ate a LOT of food to find out! Come on our eating journey with us.

Scarlet Lady's Cheeky Corner Suite features a balcony over 500 sq ft in size! That's bigger than most of our cruise cabins. Come see why this might be my all time favorite cabin. 

While exploring Scarlet Lady we stumbled upon the private karaoke booths in The Groupie on Deck 7 forward. I don't know the last time I've had this much fun on a cruise ship

Crew members are known to walk up to guests and ask "Would you like to go to a secret show?" If they do, simply say "Yes."

A Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite comes with a FULLY STOCKED BAR along with all the necessary tools to make your own cocktails. So that's what we did!

Pink Agave is an elevated Mexican restaurant with over 125 Tequila and Mezcal available!

The social club diner has some boozy floats to go along with the hot dogs, sausages and more. The Pizza Place makes excellent pizza!

Among all the restaurants onboard, The Wake was the king of restaurants. 

Known as 'the vegan restaurant' it is so much more than that, and you can get some 'naughty meat' items for the carnivore in your party.

The Scarlet Lady's Korean BBQ Gunbae! is loud, fun and absolutely delicious!

TheTest Kitchen is a gastronomic experience. You literally have no control of your dinner, just a hint of what might be served for each course.


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