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Feel good about what you buy and how you pay for it.
Simple, no surprise payments let you buy now and pay later.
Uplift is available for qualified Where's Walter Travel clients.

Uplift's mission is to provide people with a better way to pay for the things that matter most,
the ones that elevate people’s lives.

Uplift is that little friendly boost you need to make the incredible happen, without incredible stress to your finances.

They make their payment plans straightforward, so the payments stay simple and surprise-free with no debt traps or compound interest. And most importantly, Uplift gives you the option to adjust payments when life happens and you need some added flexibility with your finances.

How Uplift Works

  • We put together your travel plans and the travel costs. 

  • You decide how much you'd like to finance, currently you can finance $150 - $15,000 through Uplift. That can include all aspects of your travel including fares, hotels, insurance, car rentals and more.

  • We initiate the process through Uplift on our end.

  • You receive a secure request from Uplift to enter some information, you can do this on your mobile device.

  • Uplift returns a decision within minutes and if you qualify, you are presented with one or more options to finance your travel.

  • Select the option that works best for and Uplift notifies us that funds are now available. 

  • We make your payment(s) to the travel suppliers.

  • You make regular monthly payments to the lender via Uplift.

You can also watch the video for a visual walkthrough

Have More Questions? 

Reach out and we'll be happy to explain the process further or to run some estimated financial payments for upcoming travel.

Our Services are Free, Your Memories Are Priceless

Our travel planning services are 100% FREE to you. 

You get our many years of cruising & travel knowledge, our personal attention from planning until your trip is completed.  We get paid commissions by the travel companies (cruise lines, airlines, hotels, etc) so all you have to do is bring your ideas and wishes to us. We'll take care of the rest.

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