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Disney Springs Everglazed Donuts and Polite Pig BBQ

We travel to Disney Springs to test out the new Everglazed Donuts, Polite Pig BBQ and the renovated World of Disney.
The first thing we did after moving to the Orlando area was to get our "Disney On" by visiting Disney Springs. The best part about this experience is that it costs nothing to go. Free parking, no theme park tickets required, just go and have a great time. In this episode, we explored the brand new Everglazed Donuts, the Polite Pig BBQ, and the renovated World of Disney store. The largest Disney Store in the world. Are the donuts really worth it? Is the Pig Polite or Meh? And what have they done to the World of Disney? Tune in to find out!

Full Transcript, apologies for typos.

Walter 00:00

way too much music going on up there I know. My friend's pointing out the music going you're not going to be able to hear me that well but I do have the shotgun. That's the problem when you have friends who work into business they're like there's so much noise going on out here. How are you recording? But the donut is really good.

Walter 00:30

I'm feeling a disturbance in the Force. I don't really know what's going on but I feel a little disturbance or something going on.

Walter 00:46

So a little tip if you're coming down here, don't arrive at Disney Springs before nine o'clock if you're driving because you can't park. The parking garages do not open until 9am and as of when I'm filming this in April 2021 I believe only the Orange and Lime parking garages are open so no need to rush down here. You don't need to get here before the gates open just show up at nine o'clock. Plenty of parking.

Walter 01:19

So we're gonna try it Everglazed Donuts. It's like nine o'clock in the morning and it just opened it looks really good. So I know you don't get to see Rebecca all that often. So here she had this is what she really looks like. Hi world. Oh my god. It felt like the fair out here. It really smells like the fair. I bet they hate that. You know you feel like they're in a fishbowl, they literally are in a fishbowl and we're just standing out here filming them like they're animals or something.

Walter 01:56

So in line. A lot of cool doughnuts up here. I'm gonna go with the peanut butter explosion. We'll see what that's all about. It looks like it's kind of crazy. It's peanut butter explosion for me. There we go. What's your favorite?

barista 02:11

My favorite is the cinnamon toast crunch.

Walter 02:13

Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

barista 02:15

Yeah, I got really good with our cinnamon nut coffee.

Walter 02:22

There you go. You've heard it from her, Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Walter 02:27

That is one crazy ass donut that is the peanut butter explosion. That's a Nutella. You got that you got the classic, that looks like a massive Krispy Kreme.

Walter 02:39

Yeah, this thing is absolutely crazy. What this is. So I don't know how to eat this. I think I should have gotten a fork. My friend over here has a fork. And that was probably the way to go.

Walter 02:52

W got my fork. But only one way to eat this thing really with a fork. So, look at that

Walter 03:02

So this is like little peanut butter chunks on it with the brownie with chocolate, which is insane

Walter 03:19

So it's like a really thick Krispy Kreme donut with chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate glaze and peanut butter. Really, really, really, really really good.


Has a little peanut butter cup on it.

Walter 03:41

But way too much music going on up there. I know. My friend's pointing out the music going you're not going to be able to hear me that well. But I do have the shotgun, which will help. But you're probably hearing all this great music that you're playing out here. I know. I know. But this donut is really really good.

Walter 03:59

I knew you were gonna say something I just knew. You were gonna say something anyway. That's the problem. When you have friends who work in the business. They're like there's so much noise going on out here. How are you recording?

Walter 04:09

But the donut is really good. Everglazed, yum! Oh, I haven't had the coffee yet. cold brew, which is nice. It's gonna be like 94 degrees out here today. Oh, that's really good coffee. No clue if you can hear me but that's a really good coffee.

Walter 04:43

So if you're here in the morning Everglazed is open at 9am. So just so you know the orange garage, is right next to Everglazed. So if you want to come straight into Everglazed in the morning, go to the orange garage, park there, and you're right here, right next to Splitsville. Right Everglazed Donuts, definitely a thumbs up at Disney Springs.

Walter 05:06

One of the really cool things you can do here at Disney Springs is ride in a 1960s era Amphicar. These are not made for Disney. These were real cars.

Narrator 05:15

Here comes a dark cloud on the horizon for anyone who runs a toll bridge for a living The Amphicar, a new imported model, which is just about at home in the water as it is on the highway.

Walter 05:28

C'mon over here by the Hanger Bar, and you can pay, I think it goes for like 30 minutes, 60 minutes, whatever it is, but you ride in a classic 60's amphicar. It's a real car!

Walter 05:38

If you look closely, you can see behind me he's actually taking the amphicar out for a test ride as we speak. How cool is that?

Walter 05:49

No trip to Disney Springs is complete without a stop at the World of Disney. Right now in these COVID times they've got looks like one door open. You gotta go all the way around to the back to get in here but we're going to go inside and get our Disney on

Walter 06:02

Going that way?

man 06:04

Right down that way.

Walter 06:05

All right. Thank you. So the cool thing about coming to Disney Springs, you can get your Disney on, you can buy all the swag you want to buy and you don't have to pay like $110 to get into a park. Parking is free to just come on down here. Enjoy Disney Springs and get your Disney on.

Walter 06:30

And they get the unicorn. The World of Disney in Disney Springs is the largest Disney store, at least in America. I think in the world. I'm not really sure but this is a super big store. If you're a fan of all things Disney and you're here in Florida. You got to come down to the World of Disney and Disney Springs. It costs nothing to come here. You don't have to pay to get into the park. If you want to get your Disney on come to the World of Disney.

Walter 07:07

Awww, I don't know should I bring him home, he's cute isn't he. I can't remember the song though. Joy. What's the song?

Joy 07:15

Who's your friend who likes to play?

Walter 07:17

I found my shirt. I totally found my shirt. This is the Pixar section. My favorite sections of the whole place. Oh my god.

Walter 07:40

I'm not really sure about this. Ears with pink sprinkles on it. It's like a Homer Simpson donut for ears. I mean they do own The Simpsons now. So I guess it's something quite interesting, quite unique, but they literally have a whole section of ears now. Did I mention this is the largest Disney store in the world? It's big.

Walter 08:11

I don't really need another baseball cap. But come on. how brilliant is that? Come on snakes. Why did it have to be snakes, even got his hat. So cool. In fact, in the next shot, you might see me wearing it. You might not but I do have this other cool hat on right now. That's a very old school hat. Hakuna Matata. I think I probably bought this at least 10 years ago. Rebecca had now corrected me the Hakuna Matata hat. It could be 20 years old. I mean, we've been married 25 years now. So we came here on our anniversary. And then we came here for a year. Excuse me. We came here on our honeymoon 25 years ago. And then we came here four years later. So this hat is at least 20 years old. Not bad shape.

Walter 09:05

We decided to take a little break in the polite pig and I said I wasn't gonna film in here but this food is looking so good. I went with a slider trio which is three small little sandwiches. I got some I got some chicken. I got some pulled pork i got i don't know what all I got. And then I went with tater tots with a little parmesan on them. And of course in honor of my dear friend had to get an Old Fashioned my favorite drink. It was his favorite drink too. So cheers, Sean, to you. Mmm really good. Really, really good.

Walter 09:40

Hey, want to come up come on. You want to be on? You can join us Hi. It's good. The Old Fashioned is really good, isn't it? Yeah.

server 09:49

Is there anything at all? I can grab you right now.

Walter 09:50

I think we're good. Thank you. Service with a smile is awesome here. And actually, you know, it looked like the line was really long. Just so you know. Because of COVID and the restrictions, the line looks a lot longer than they really are. Think we were in line for about five minutes, maybe if that and we were lined up all the way back against the outside wall. So even though the line might look long, it's probably going to be less than 15 minutes unless it wraps all the way around the plaza.

Walter 10:18

This looks like the pulled pork version. Oh that's really good. Really good. Really, really good. Tatertots gotta have tater tatertots and parmesan. Sweet potato with parmesan you would think that might not work, worked really well. Chicken, see if we can get a bite of this chicken oh my look at that thing. Big chicken. Big. Here we go. I have a really rude bite on video. I know. Big chicken! Really, really big chicken. Really, really good.

Walter 11:08

Again, we're in the Polite Pig I don't know what's so polite about it, but it's a polite pig. they have what looks like a beautiful bar over there. And this is an Old Fashioned it's actually made with sweet tea. I thought it was gonna be too sweet. quite good. Actually. Very, very good.

Walter 11:23

Highly recommend the Old Fashioned highly recommend the slider trio. Really, really good.

Walter 11:31

Hey thanks for joining us on our little trip around Disney Springs. I did end up with the hat I did end up with a Buzz Lightyear mug. And my gosh, the Polite Pig. Oh my word that was some of the best food I have had in a long time. Hey, if you like what we're doing, please subscribe. click that little bell icon so that you know when we post new episodes. So until next time, folks. Cheers. Cheers to you, Sean. See you next time.


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