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USS Batfish Submarine, Muskogee Oklahoma

A Submarine in Oklahoma? Oh Yeah!

The Facts:

ACTIVITY: WWII Submarine and Veterans Memorial Park

TYPE: Indoors and Outdoors. 

LOCATION: Batfish Road, War Memorial Park, Muskogee, OK

Stopped by here on a recent business trip because I honestly didn’t believe the locals when they said there was a real WWII submarine in Muskogee.

But there it is, and because it’s staged on land, you can really appreciate just how small this thing really is. Walking around it on land was neat to see the controls and imagine how this thing operated. Going down inside made me wonder just how those sailors were able to work inside those quarters for so long at a stretch. 

Lots of neat memorabilia and other items on display throughout the park and the building. Well worth the time to stop by to learn more about history and honor those who served in our armed forces in WWII.

The Batfish also makes for a great story to take home, “Did I tell you about the submarine in Oklahoma?”

Your GPS may try to take you around Port Place to get there, but you won’t make it.  There’s a commercial operation in the way.  You MUST go down Batfish Road to get there.  If you end up at the commercial location, turn around and go all the way back Batfish Road.  If you get to the intersection of Hwy 165 you went too far.


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