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What IS a Cruise Private Island?

Cruisers talk about 'private islands' all the time but what exactly ARE they and how much extra does it cost to enjoy them? Here's a quick look at Cruise Private Islands.

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos, lots and lots of typos....)

Hey folks I'm Walter and what exactly is a private island and how does it work?

Well it's either an actual island or a private resort, usually in the Caribbean, that is owned by the cruise line for the exclusive use of their guests. So nobody else can show up and use this area.

Now traditionally they were just beach resorts, you'd lay out you have drinks you enjoy it. But then Disney stepped it up with some adventures and now Royal Caribbean has Coco Cay which has a full water park as part of it.

And how it works is it's basically an extension of the ship. So pretty much the same features and perks and whatever you got on the ship you're also going to get on the island. For instance if you have a drink package you'll be able to use that on the island.* Your ship card will work on the island if you want to make purchases and purchase it back to the ship.

And there are some exceptions to that rule like Royal Caribbean's Labadee. They have a local artist Market where only cash is accepted so you can't use your ship card to make any purchases.

Food will be provided on the island and there may be you know, charge restaurants and things like that. And most of these islands have things like Cabanas to rent, they might have adult exclusive areas. Some even some have high-end Villas but in general just think of the Private Island as an extension of the ship.

Your cruise card works there, your perks work there*, and the same food and drinks will be provided just as if you were on the ship but you get to enjoy some Island time

*Drinks packages do not work on all private islands or cruise ship resorts. Review the terms and conditions of your cruise drinks package for full details.


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