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Recipe: Whipped Hot Chocolate!

On a recent trip we made our own chocolate from cocoa and sugar.  When we came home and made hot chocolate, the sugar didn’t really melt making for a granular hot chocolate.  Immersion blender to the rescue and whipped hot chocolate was born!

The Immersion Blender I‘m using in the video is a great little two speed unit from Cuisinart.

For the “Aztec Chocolate” I’ve been using Dagoba Organic Xocalatl Drinking Chocolate for a few years now.  Great spice flavor without being too hot.  

Speaking of drinking chocolate, if you’ve never heard the term, it generally refers to chocolate powders or crumbles that are made specifically for hot chocolate and other hot drinks.  Generally they are unsweetened allowing you to sweeten to taste.  One thing that goes great with the chocolate is the amazing Neillsen Massey Vanilla Paste that is unreal in hot chocolate or anything else that calls for vanilla.   

If you need a double boiler, here's a decent looking starter model.

So now you’re all set to make your very own hot chocolate.


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