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Welcome to Where's Walter Travel

Where's Walter Travel is more than a travel agent, we're your personal travel concierge assisting you in every way

from travel planning to booking. We give you personal attention every step along the way until your journey is completed.

And then we start planning your next vacation!

We have been cruising, traveling and eating our way through adventures for over 20 years. We bring that personal experience and expertise to every travel plan and vacation travel plan for you. Our travel planning services include Luxury Travel, Cruises, Cruise Tours, Theme Parks (including VIP Tours) and Group Vacations including Incentive Trips, Company Retreats and Special Events (weddings, anniversaries, reunions). Have something completely unique in mind? We will put together a travel plan that's as unique as you are.

We are your personal travel concierge. Let's talk and get the travel planning started.


Cruises & Cruise Tour
Travel Planning

Whether you’re new to cruising or a longtime cruiser, our expertise can help make your next voyage even more memorable. Our experienced cruise planners have cruised for over 18 years on 8 different cruise lines and counting. We help you set sail on amazing ocean cruise adventures; explore rivers, glaciers and polar regions; and combine those sailings with land adventures for even more “Wow!” It’s a big blue world out there, use our personal cruise travel concierge service to help you go from ‘planning a vacation’ to creating memorable cruise experiences that will last a lifetime.


Theme Parks and
Magical Vacations

Theme park ‘magic’ begins long before you even leave your house. The anticipation of that perfect vacation in far off places visiting princesses, wizards, toys, aliens and more. With so much to organize and plan, let us offer our personal travel concierge service to make your journey an adventure of a lifetime. We’ll sprinkle a little pixie dust, possibly cast a spell or two and do all the legwork so you can just show up and vacation happily ever after. 


Group Travel, Weddings, Company Retreats & Special Events

You love getting the whole gang together and setting sail on the high seas or enjoying a destination vacation.

Perhaps you're planning a special wedding, vow renewal, family or high school reunion on a cruise ship or that perfect vacation destination.

Whether it's 5 or 500, our personal travel concierge service will take the stress off your hands and put together the perfect group travel plan.  So all you have to do show up and enjoy an amazing vacation event!


Use this link to self-book, but still get our awesome personal service for any of your needs pre-cruise, during your cruise or post-cruise.

Or reach out to us and we'll get you booked on a Ladyship!


Our Travel Services are Free To You*

One of the biggest misconceptions about Independent Travel Agents is that you have to pay extra for our services. No you don't. You get our years of cruise and travel knowledge, our personal travel concierge service from planning until your trip is completed and you don't owe us anything.* We get paid commissions by the travel companies (cruise lines, airlines, hotels, etc) so all you have to do is bring your travel ideas and we'll do all the travel planning, booking and arrangement for you! 

*Research fees may apply after 2 full travel proposals have been presented. Contact us for details. 

Glacier Bay Alaska

Let's Chat! 

To set you up with the best possible vacation, we need to set up a call to talk through some details. Please schedule a convenient time using our calendar and Walter will call you directly. Thanks so much and we look forward to chatting with you soon! 

Tinker Bell in Magic Kingdom
Exploring glaciers in Skagway, Alaska

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About Us

Your Personal Travel Concierge

Walter and Rebecca have been cruising and traveling for over 25 years who bring

a wealth of personal experience to your travel planning needs.

24/7 Extensive Travel Resource Library & Social Channels

Walter has been creating a travel resource library since 2016 with articles, blogs and many videos available to you 24/7. Our travel resources cover cruises including cabins, food and more, restaurants, excursions & destinations, what to know before you go, and many more tips and tricks in a fully searchable library. You'll also find hundreds of tips and tricks on our TikTok & YouTube channels, click the links below to see more. 

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