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5 Things To Pack For Your Next Cruise!

Watch the episode above or read the article below.

Here are five things you should pack for your next cruise.

1: Your photo I.D.. Very important to have a photo ID on the ship to your passport. Some people say "I don't need a passport" but if you should get emergency evacuated off a ship, you are probably going to be in another country. A Passport is going to be useful to get back home.

2: Chargers so you can charge up your phone and other devices. You can look into a multiple port USB Charger like this one so you don't need so many outlets in the cabin.

3: Closed toed shoes. Some activities. excursions are going to require a closed toed shoes. If you don't have them, you can't participate. Bring at least one pair.

4: Your prescriptions. Cruise ships do have a hospital but they don't carry every medication onboard and the cost of the medication is much more expensive than on land.

5: We also recommend a small first aid kit with things like bandages, aspirin, sunburn relief, etc. Yes you can get some of this in the onboard store and medical center can tend to you, but again, it's much cheaper to bring it with you.


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