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Keep Your Cruise Carry-Ons Light!

Watch the episode above or read the article below.

Here's reminder that your cruise ship cabin may not be available for several hours after you get on board the ship because they're still turning things around.

So whatever you carry on with you, you're going to have to keep with you as you walk around. So my recommendation is to carry on light.

We usually come onboard with a backpack, maybe one small piece of rolling luggage. We've got a bathing as well so we can go jump in the pool. We've got important documents in there, our photo IDs and any medications and prescriptions and maybe one change of clothes for dinner.

But other than that, everything else is in the checked luggage. So when you board a cruise ship, carry on lighter so you don't have to carry heavy stuff around with you until your cabins are ready.

And you can start enjoying the ship as soon as you get on.


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