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Four Things To Know: MSC Cruises Ocean Cay

Four Things you should know BEFORE you visit MSC Cruises Ocean Cay Marine Reserve in the Bahamas.

Number one: Water Shoes! Bring water shoes. There are a lot of rocky shores and beaches out there and uneven surfaces in the water. Make sure you bring some water shoes.

Number two: Lunch On The Ship! The line for lunch at the island food court can be very long. I swear we saw over 200 people in line. The ship is only five minutes away from the food court. Leave your stuff on the island, come back on the ship, have your buffet lunch and go back on the island.

Number three: Mobility Friendly! If you use a wheelchair or scooter to get around this is the island for you. Wide paved concrete paths everywhere making it super easy to roll all over the island.

Number four: No Rocks and Shells! Do not remove rocks and shells from the island, you are prohibited from doing so. But what you can do is go over to the north beach and make a rock sculpture.


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