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Breaking Down MSC Cruises 'Experiences'

MSC Cruises Experiences are part of the booking process and they are unique to this cruise line. But they're just different ways to describe what you already know. Here's a quick breakdown on what the various Experiences really mean.

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos, lots and lots of typos....)

Hey folks I'm Walter your travel advisor and did you know MSC cruises has four basic experiences you can choose from when booking your cruise. Let's break them down

The Bella experience is what MSC calls their guaranteed category. This is your basic entry level your cruise fare that gets you a guaranteed cabin that MSC will assign to you. You get your main dining room, you get the buffet, you get use of the ship and of course you can go on to the Private Island.

Fantastica experience will be the bulk of the ship. That means you can select your own cabin and you can request a preferred dining time. You may not necessarily get it but you can request a dining time for the main dining room.

The Aurea experience is essentially the spa level on any other Cruise Line. You get complimentary access to the top exclusive Solarium. You get a discount on spa treatments, you get anytime dining, priority boarding and you get 24-hour free delivery room service.

And then there is the Yacht Club. This is the top level 'ship within a ship concept' that MSC actually pioneered. They launched their first Yacht Club in 2008 and Norwegian followed with The Haven in 2011. Guests in the Yacht Club get a huge laundry list of additional benefits including their own dedicated private area of the ship that's only accessible to them. That might include a pool, a lounge, a restaurant, and many other things. You get a 24-hour Butler Service and dedicated concierge. Room service 24 hours a day, the premium extra drink package is included. Premium internet and so much more. The yacht club truly is an amazing experience for all guests.

And last but not least MSC is one of the few cruise lines that has a status match program. And not just matching you with the other Cruise Lines, they also match hotels such as the Hilton and the Marriott line and even all-inclusive resorts like the Riu Resorts out there.

So that's a quick breakdown of the MSC experiences


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