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Keep Your Stuff Dry On A Cruise Or Beach

A lot of you have asked me this question: "What do you recommend to keep things dry? You know, my phone, my towels, my clothes, when we're on an excursion and we're on a boat, we're at a beach?"
Watch the video episode above or read the article below.

There is a lot of water when you go out on cruises. Then you've got electronics and other things that you want to protect. How do you keep that stuff dry?

The folks at SailPak, sent me a bunch of their products to test out and I have to say the results have been impressive. The prices are impressive too. SailPak products do not cost an arm and leg to protect and organize your stuff.

The Perfect Tote. This is really cool little beach tote bag. It looks like your standard canvas tote bag, but then you open it up and it's fully lined inside along with a really nice zippered pouch

So this is waterproof. It looks like your standard canvas tote bag, but unlike regular canvas, this is lined and will keep your stuff dry. There's a security, zippered pouch inside as well. Really nice, really sturdy product.

Shark Band Beach Chair Towel Holders are actually designed to hold your beach towel in place both on the cruise ship and at the beach. A lot of people use towel clips, in fact we have towel clips You clip it to the back of the chair, but then you generally don't put any clips at the bottom of the chair. Sometimes when it's windy the chairs can flip around and if it's really windy, come loose and fly away.

With the bands, you can put one at the bottom as well as the top and there's no way that the towel is going any where That's actually pretty cool.

Tag Savers are awesome plastic luggage tags, and we've talked about these kind of products in the past. You print your checked luggage tags at home, cut them out and slip them inside these clear tags. They have really strong cable rings on them that will not come off your luggage so you can make sure your checked luggage is going to find its way to your cabin. SailPak also has these cruise ship luggage tags for your carry on and other bags you will be carrying onboard.

Gorilla Hooks are magnetic hook that so many of us use throughout the cruise cabin to hang and organize our things.

If you're not aware, most cruise cabins are steel all of the way around. So it's really easy to hang the magnetic hooks up and then it helps you do some better organization in your cabin.

A phone pouch is the one people ask me about the most. How to keep a phone dry and protected, especially when on a boating or snorkeling excursion.

The 100% Waterproof Phone Case is actually designed so that you can put your phone under water and shoot video and take pictures underwater. Obviously, you don't want to go too deep with it. But the pouch both protects your phone from water and allows you to use it underwater for phots and video.

Does the 100% Waterproof Phone Case really work? Check out the end of that video at the top of the page to find out.

The Dri-Pak is an awesome waterproof backpack. You wear it just like any backpack, but it feels like it's made from like a really heavy duty pool liner. There is like absolutely no way any water is getting inside the bag. The top rolls down and is secured by three clips and then the entire top opens up making it very easy to get items in and out of the bag.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see how much stuff I was able to get in the bag and how the clips works to close the bag up.

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