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Bayside Marketplace, Miami

Basic “Tourist Trap.” Decent Shopping, Some Good Dining, Beautiful Yachts

The Facts:

ACTIVITY: Marketplace.  Waterfront shopping and dining.

TYPE: Outdoors and indoors.  Moderate walking.

LOCATION: 401 Biscayne Blvd, R106, Miami, Florida

So this is your typical tourist trap type of location with a bunch of shops and dining all along the waterfront. The waterfront is quite pretty and the best part about this location are the amazing yachts that are on display along the docks. You can grab a cup of coffee (decent) or gelato (not bad) and take a stroll along the waterfront and just ogle the various yachts. There are indoor areas to this marketplace as well so if the weather is threatening, you can get under cover. This is also where you can pick a number of boat tours and high speed thrill boat rides. It’s a way to kill a few hours and there did seem to be a few interesting places for lunch.

It’s definitely NOT a ‘must-see’ for Miami and it has the potential to be something really special if they cleaned it up a bit and got a little more consistency in the shops and dining. It’s really an ‘outlet’ type of shopping experience. Nothing really worth buying although we did end up picking up an ornament at the Disney Store.

You can reach the Bayside Marketplace via the Metromover if you’re staying in the downtown area. The station is about 2 – 3 blocks away, it’s an easy walk to the marketplace.


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