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Sky Princess Interior Cabin B730 Tour

A surprisingly spacious interior cabin on Sky Princess.

We were so impressed with the spaciousness of our Princess Cruises Sky Princess Interior Cabin, B730 near the back of the ship. This is basically the same size cabin as the standard balconies on Sky Princess.!

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos)

Hey, folks, welcome to Cabin Baja 730 on the Sky Princess. This is an interior cabin near the back of the ship. Now, one thing we love, the Princess does is they use a closet as a separator between the bedroom space and the closet in the bathroom area.

Looking around the bedroom space, you can see this is a rather large interior cabin. It's around 185 square feet, which is not that much smaller than a standard balcony cabin. Nice, generous bed. And for me, at least, it was very comfortable. Of course, two pillows are always too soft, but the bed itself was really comfortable. Plenty of stores space under the bed for your suitcases. There are identical nightstands on either side of the bed and there is a USB port on each of the lamps.

It's got a good sized mirror above the desk and a really good sized television, which the trick in the interior cabin is just to flip that to the bridge cam and bingo, you have an ocean view cabin with a live view to the outside. Above the desk you'll find one U.S. outlet and two European outlets on the left side and over on the right side, one more U.S. outlet a good reason to bring European converters with you, and then you can take advantage of those two European outlets.

Inside the first cabinet, you'll find the mini fridge. And because we were elite guests on this cruise, ours were pre stocked with some items that we were allowed to use with no extra charge. To the right, you'll find four more drawers, and this is where you'll find your hairdryer.

Moving back to the front of the cabin here is a large, spacious closet. I love that there's no doors on it, so it doesn't feel very claustrophobic, but plenty of room to hang up your clothes back here you'll find a narrow wardrobe and inside is where you're going to find your safe.

Moving into the bathroom. It is a somewhat small bathroom, but as we learned when we visited a balcony cabin is exactly the same size as those cabins. The shower is pretty basic and standard. You've got your shower wand up there. They do use shower curtains.

So we highly recommend that you bring binder clips with you to help the curtain stay down.

Now the vanity area is actually quite nice. You've got quite a bit of room on the vanity itself. You've got the three really nice shelves here on the left side. The sink is rather deep and then you've even got another shelf underneath if you need it

All in all, interior cabins on the Sky Princess, it's really spacious and very comfortable.


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