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Sky Princess Main Dining Room Review

We were reminded of why we love cruising with Princess so much with our first MDR dinner

Is this the best Main Dining Room (MDR) at sea? The Sky Princess Main Dining Room absolutely impressed us on the first night of the cruise. We were reminded of why we love to sail Princess so much!

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos)

Hey, folks, I'm Walter, tonight we are in the main dining room. What's really cool about the main dining room here on the sky, princess? You see, we're in a small space right here. So there is this. You know, there's a big, massive dining room out there, but then they have all these little cubby spaces as well. Like, we kind of feel like we're in just a regular old restaurant in here. So it was really, really nice.

But the appetizers are out. I've got a goat cheese and some marinated vegetables that looked absolutely amazing. Rebecca went with the grilled prawns.

She ate them so fast, I don't even get a chance to taste them.

So you're not going to see me eat them. How are they? She says they were yummy.

So little grilled vegetables. Oh my God, those are really good. And then I've got some goat cheese that I can have with it. Now it looks like I've got some eggplant, like some zucchini, some some bell peppers, roasted ones. Oh, yeah. Oh, that is good goat cheese. You know what? This goat cheese would make an amazing grilled cheese and what I would do.

Yes. So second course is out. I actually didn't get anything for myself on the second course, but Rebecca has a beautiful looking Greek salad. How is that? No lettuce. It's all like tomato and peppers and cheese. All right. A great dressing.

And then, as we've suggested in the past, if you want, like a main dish as an appetizer, you can do that.

Our table mate here, Bill got the linguine and clams, but he asked for a smaller portion as an appetizer. So if you see like a couple of main dishes that you really like to try, ask them to bring out an appetizer size of one, and then you can have the entree size of the other

The entrees are out. I've got a gorgeous looking for tenderloin right here in front of me. It smells amazing. Rebecca and Stacy both have a mahi mahi over there and Bill, some sort of a Caribbean seafood stew. It actually looks a lot like an Italian seafood stew. Absolutely gorgeous. So I have to say, the main dining room is really impressing me with their plating and the presentation. Absolutely gorgeous. Oh, my goodness. It's like it's like, what is this sitting on is sitting on like a quinoa or rice.

Oh, my goodness. The pork tenderloin. This is I don't know if this is rice or quinoa underneath, but that is really, really good. There's a lot of light oil around it. Some nice spices on there. This is the mahi mahi from Rebecca, probably. That's all that's good. Towards the pineapple. The mahi mahi had like a pineapple, mango, salsa, something on top of their really nice.

You know, I always say, look for main dining room. You know, most of the time you're going to get food. That's good. Not going to be the bathroom kind of good.

But Princess Main dining room. I mean it is a step above this is real. This is like I mean, it's like going to your local restaurant right here is a really good main dining room.

So the final course, of course, we had to get dessert and princess is well known for their souffles. If you if you are on apprenticeship and souffle is on the menu for dessert, you have to get the souffle. I don't know what it is about into. They make the best souffle and I got a mexican chocolate. Now, I don't really associate amaretto with Mexico, but they call this a Mexican chocolate. This is Amaretto hot chocolate. Oh, that's so good. That is, like, amazingly good. So if you see the Mexican hot chocolate, I don't know why it's called Mexican hot chocolate because it is amaretto, but. Oh, my God, that's really good.

Now it's time for the main event. The souffle. Oh, my God. Did you see the cream being poured in there? Oh, my God. I just got to dig down in there. So we've got to basically in Nutella, they said chocolate, hazelnut, Nutella. They poured the high cream on top of it. I mean, come on, it's a hot souffle. All right. All right. So good. Oh, that is so good. What a way to end our first meal on Princess in about five years.

Absolutely amazing. So highly recommend the chocolate. Definitely recommend the chocolate souffle. Absolutely. I mean, everything here was outstanding. We've been on five different cruises now since the restart. This definitely the best main dining room experience of all the cruise line that we've been on since the restart man, you can eat here all week long. You will not go hungry in the main dining room.

Go with the Mexican chocolate. Really good.


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