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Symphony of the Seas Dining Review

A food review of the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. Use the chapters in the video to jump to specific restaurants.

We spent one week on our very first Oasis Class ship and were really looking forward to the dining experiences like Hooked, Wonderland and Chops Grille. But how does the food stack up? And more importantly, should you spend any extra money on the dining? Come along on this Symphony of the Seas Food Review to find out.

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos, lots and lots of typos....)

Ooh. I got my old fashioned

full lobster tail,

and I literally got every drop I could out of that bowl.

Oh, you're good.

Well all the food has come out, and it's like a ridiculous amount of food.

Hey, folks, welcome to your food tour of Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. This is an oasis class ship. One of the largest cruise ships in the world. Lots of food to eat. So let's get right to it.

One of the add ons you can do with Royal Caribbean is to add The Key.

And one of the things you get to do is have lunch when you first come on board. So we are in the main dining room. So our friend Stephanie always gets the shrimp cocktail when she comes out and Royal Caribbean or whatever we have to do, get the shrimp cocktail.

I can't even even remember the last time I had a shrimp cocktail on a cruise. It's been a while. Cheers. That's really good. Good taste. Good shot. I think the shrimp can use a little more flavor, like, maybe a little bit more salt or something like that, but. And I really good sauce. So the entrees have come out, I have a cheeseburger and I got mac and cheese on the side.

Rebecca got a pan seared branzino.

Grilled. Grilled, branzino excuse me, grilled branzino, which she said is pretty good, but she's absolutely loving the spinach that's actually underneath it as well. And then she got a side of mashed potatoes and let's see, here's our burger. Oh, I'm tossing bacon everywhere. But there you go. You got it. The medium with the bacon and some other stuff in here and some cheese on the rare side of a medium.

But that's okay. I'll take it. Burgers? Not bad. It's not the best burger in the world. The main thing we're doing to keep lunch, you know, we're not fighting the crowd. Jump in the buffet. We got a nice quiet. We're in the main dining room tonight. Quiet. We're being served really nice. So, I mean, the burger is it could use more seasoning, probably use more salt and more flavor in the meat itself.

But it's not bad. I'm not complaining. I'm not complaining. Now, let's try that mac and cheese. It looks beautiful anyway, right? I like a really good mac and cheese. Let's see what we've got. Thank. Not bad. I wish it was hotter. Definitely cooled off now from sitting in there. I mean, it's not the best mac and cheese in the world.

I probably would have gone with potatoes next time instead of the. Oh, Rebecca handing me potatoes right now. Here is the potatoes. Let's see, we're going to find out. Should I have ordered potatoes? I don't know. The jury says, yeah, the potatoes are better than mac and cheese. So wrapping up our key lunch, I mean, it was a it was a decent meal.

Wasn't the best meal we've ever had on cruise, but a decent meal. The big thing was we didn't have to deal with the buffet. We didn't have to deal with hordes of people. We've had a nice, relaxing lunch and we got to meet some wonderful people who were serving us our hey folks.

So for our very first night on the Symphony of the Seas, we are going to eat at Hooked Seafood.

And this is a specialty restaurant, so that means it as an extra charge. Now, we bought into a three dinner package. You know, you can buy packages in advance and basically you pay one price and then you can go to three restaurants of your choice on board. Now, the one thing about that, you cannot pre-book your dinners. You have to wait till you get on board.

But because we went literally as soon as we got on board, we went directly to the dining captain. We had no problem getting any of our dinners. So for me tonight, I hope it was super easy. They've got drunken mussels, steamed, mottled in garlic, white wine or tomato sauce. Serve with Chris speaking in bright and early. It's going to be my appetizer.

And then the royal Seafood Platter, lightly battered de fried cod softshell, crab, tiger, prawn, scallop and black mussels served with a creamy remoulade and Cajun fries. Oh, that's what I'm going with tonight. And, my God, you just brought out some really warm sheet bread. I smell garlic everywhere. He's got butter slathered all around and I'm not like a biscuit like Rebecca, who said nothing is.

Give me ten of these. I'm done. I'm in. My drunken mussels came out number one at messy I'm here do it smells amazing this is just going to be super messy. I can tell there's like a I'm not like a cream on the shell, so, I mean, it's just going to be messy. Oh, we go. Oh, that's good.

Yeah, almost like there's, like, a garlic chowder on them or something. Oh, freaking good. Oh, but oh a nice creamy. Oh, hi, ma'am. Now for the appetizer, Rebecca went with the spicy cliche, and she said, when they say spicy, they mean spicy, and they do make a mild version as well. But if you're the kind of person who's going to on the fence about spicy like me, I can take a little heat, but not a lot.

But she said the spicy caviar is as advertised, as spicy and very good drunken mussels could be the best thing I think I've ever eaten on a cruise ship. It's not very full. The super messy mussels are done and now we have this gorgeous chopped salad with shrimp and they served it with a beautiful, lemony dressing garlic.

She's got the menu. Very cool

Mm mm. Really fresh. Really good night dressing. Very light compliment. The shrimp are beautifully. The lemon mustard vinaigrette is amazing. Go the fresh and tossed salad with some shrimp on it winner. Their main course is out. Rebecca's got the captain's platter, which is essentially broiled and grilled fish and lobster tail. And she's saying, wow, everything is really, really good.

I basically got the fried version of the same thing, except I've got some mussels and I've got some scallop and I got fish and a few other things too. She didn't get she'd get a lobster tail, fish, shrimp, and then for the side, we went with the lobster mac and cheese. I mean, come on, lobster, mac and cheese.

You got to do it. Some Cajun fries I'm into. Maybe fresh vegetables. So that is our main course. All right, go see everything I got, like a fried shrimp here. It's super hot. Everything came out, like, ridiculously hot for sure. Rebecca gave me a piece of the grilled fish here that's outstanding. That is really, really good. Now, I've got a different crab.

I got a little fried softshell crab.

There you are. I mean, this kind of reminds me, you know, when I was a kid. Yeah, they're going to date me. We to have Howard Johnson, you know, he had that big fried fish platter. Now, this is better than that. It kind of reminds me of that being a kid and having that big fish platter when we went to Howard Johnson.

And if I were to do that again, I'd probably go with that grilled platter Rebecca had a little nicer, a little bit more flavor. I mean, I think this is probably a little bit better for the kids, the fried butter. But as an adult, you would probably like the the grilled and broiled more to think, oh, my God, lobster, mac and cheese.

And I mean, that's not the best mac and cheese, but not bad at all. Better than the mac and cheese that I had at the key lunch, for sure. And then we got some Cajun fries. Got a really good Cajun fries. Yeah, those are really good. They got a little they got a little kick to a grilled shrimp from Rebecca.

Really good. Yeah. So we are going to throw in the white flag on dessert. I'm so sorry. I know you guys want me to probably try some sort of a dessert here, but we are hopeful. But if I was getting dessert, they have a lovely lemon tart on there. That looks amazing that what I would have gone with.

So if you come here and you're able to get to dessert, I would recommend the lemon tart. But overall, a good meal hooked was very enjoyable. Again, I would probably not go with the main course being the fried fish. I would probably either go with what Rebecca did with the broiled fish, or they have a 2 pound Maine lobster tail on the menu too.

I'd probably go with that the next time. I just had a hankering for fried fish and figure what the heck, I'll go for it again. The lobster mac and cheese would. Okay. The big winner as far as the side with the Cajun fries. Oh, my God. They were really, really good. So if you are on Symphony of the Seas and you like seafood, I think you would enjoy Hooked Seafood.

A great little lunch bar, especially if you don't want to deal with the big crowds, the big buffet, Park Cafe here in Central Park.

It's included in your cruise fare. And they have a make your own salad. Now, the the crew member is actually going to make the salad for you.

You just tell them what you want. I got a little salad here which are mixed greens. I've got chickpeas, peas, corn, got some junior, I got some chicken. Little rugelach. And I asked them to put the Caesar dressing on it. Really short line quiet out here. Well, you hear the band playing up top, but it's quite lovely out here and we didn't have to fight.

So Park Cafe in Central Park. This is included in your cruise fare. Come on down and enjoy a nice salad without dealing with all the crowds. Pop in the buffet.

Okay. Tonight's dinner is going to be at Izumi.

Now, the Izumi here on Symphony of the Seasons in two parts, a sushi side, which is where we're sitting. And then you got the Teppanyaki side, which is over there. Okay, so for dinner tonight, we actually switched it out a little bit. We asked her if we could do two small plates and two large plate and skip the dessert. Just because we've had so much dessert this week, we just wanted to enjoy a little bit more sushi.

They are allowing us to do that. So I went with the shrimp and pork one can chew. That should be just a nice little starter. Bay shrimp firecracker spring rolls and those are my two small plates. And then for the large plate I went with a sear tuna to turkey roll shrimp tempura here tuna, avocado, scallions and garlic Punjab sauce.

And then I went with a big snow crab and salmon dynamite roll of snow crab, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, garlic chili, oil, champagne sauce and daikon sprouts. So that is my four items that I will be getting tonight. Now, Rebecca went with the crispy rice, spicy tuna and the seaweed cami salad. Those are her two small plates.

And then for the large plate, Rebecca went with the Izumi Rou photo maki roll like the assorted tempura fried sashimi. It's basically champagne and energy sources, cream cheese, guacamole, salad and ginger dressing. That sounds insane. And then you got the Yaki Gouda, which is stir fried udon and vegetables topped with your choice of grilled chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu.

Would you go with. Sure. She went with the shrimp. So that's what the eight dishes that we will be getting tonight, we passed on dessert and we're going to get two small plates, two large plates each. Small plates have come out. I've got my shrimp and one ton soup right here. I've got my shrimp firecracker roll things over here.

And Rebecca has her sea honey salad. I love one time too, but like a really good one time to play it for liking it. Very nice. Way back. Let's go with that one time here. Now that is really, really good. Pork and shrimp mixed together really, really good. And the shrimp firecracker spring rolls. That looks really nice. I've got some dipping sauce.

When I look at the menu again, it's really different. Not exactly what I expected.

So we've got shrimp, crab meat, sambal chili and cream cheese all inside this. And you bite into it thinking you're going to be biting into a shrimp, but you're actually biting into like a little mixture of things in there that is very unique to Rebecca saying that the seaweed salad is very light and refreshing. I'm not a big fan of seaweed, but if you like seaweed, like seaweed salad, as you said, it's very good, very light and refreshing.

Right. All the food has come out and it's like a ridiculous amount of food. We didn't realize the rolls are going to be this big. Maybe we would have just gone with the one less roll than we have out here. But we've got the big snow, crab and salmon dynamite rolls sitting right here in front of me. I've got the seared tuna to Kentucky Raw sitting next to that Rebecca's crispy rice.

Spicy tuna was only supposed to be four pieces. They brought out eight or nine big crazy one of the izumi rou photo maki roll. This is a crazy one there. And then right in front of Rebecca, she's got the yucky udon. There's a crazy amount of food people. I think you could probably do three rolls for two people.

We have four rolls out here. But the server did say that she can give it plastic containers. We do have a cooler in our room so we could take it back to the room and keep it in a cooler. Why not until tomorrow? And then you have it at some point tomorrow, maybe for breakfast.

All right, this is the snow crab one. Oh, yeah. I take a different heat. I had some heat sneaking up on me there, but it's spicy and they're not kidding. So I have to admit that baked snow, crab and salmon, dynamite, I actually can't eat any more of that.

It is like burning on the back of my throat. So when they say spicy in here, they mean spicy. Rebecca is going to enjoy it very, very much. This is now the seared tuna tataki. Right? Right. Seared tuna turkey. Roll out. Very nice. The presentation is amazing. I mean, this is like, know any high end sushi joint that you would go to on land?

For sure. They've done a beautiful job of presentation. Crispy rice, spicy tuna. Now again, Spicy Tuna. I have no idea if I'm going to be in trouble or not. I don't.

A pretty good look. My least favorite of the ones I've tried so far. Even though the crab burned my mouth. I love the flavor, but I just can't. I can't do any more of it. Holy moly, this thing is huge. And how do you eat this? Just massive. This is part of the Izumi photo. I'm a whatever. My God, this thing is massive.

I'm going to do it with my fingers just so I can take a bite of it. All right, that's my favorite. I think that's my favorite. I think the second favorite is the one that I'm gonna burn my mouth off. And that was really, really flavorful. I just can't eat any more of it for really, like, the seared tuna tataki.

Roll that really, really good when the crispy right there. Rebecca that's actually my least favorite but it's still good but the the zoom me room photo photo mark Tony you roll you really good Oh he's good because we're two people eating here two rolls maybe three are all you need and you don't need four. So that's pretty much it from Izumi.

No dessert for us. We did four plates each. My recommendation, if you're coming here is go on a cart, get a small plate each and then get one large play each. I'm willing to bet for most of you that's going to be enough food. You might end up saving a little money, or you may end up spending about the same amount.

But then you won't have leftovers to take. They will give you the leftovers. Then you go ahead and throw into your fridge if you had leftovers here. But for to three, I'll tell you what is a great value at $35 each. We got a ton of food here, but if you'd like sushi, I would definitely give Izumi a try here on the symphony of the seas. We very much enjoyed it.

Hey, folks, did you know there are two different kinds of Starbucks coffee shops?

On many Royal Caribbean ships, one that included when your drinks package and one that is not. Now, if you see a Starbucks store, it's usually in the Grand Promenade with the big Starbucks sign on top of it. That is an official Starbucks store, not part of Royal Caribbean.

So you will have to pay for your coffee exactly as you do on land. But if you go to a Royal Caribbean coffee shop such as the Cafe Promenade or the Vitality Spa here on Symphony of the Seas, you can get the same Starbucks coffee included with your drink package espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe, mocha, many of your standard drinks will be available at those shops for free.

So unless you want those like really specialty holiday drinks or whatever that they make from Starbucks, you don't necessarily have to pay for it. If you go to a Royal Caribbean based coffee shops.

Hey, folks, Walter back on the Symphony of the Seas, and we really had no plan tonight, so Playmakers it is.

I have been seeing that tower of onion rings. Everybody has the tower of onion rings. And our dear friend Stephanie is like, Yeah, got to have the wings. So I'm doing 12 wings. We're doing the Tower of Onion Rings or Mecca Getting Hollow, Being your barber and you're getting the impossible burger. So tonight playmaker Ooh I got my old fashioned she said they make a really good old fashioned So let's see.

Actually, that's a good old fashioned. I like this old fashioned more than the one I got upstairs in. Where? Where we the pub. Yeah. I like this old fashioned more than the one we got up in the pub. If you're looking for a good old fashioned come on down here playmaker. She was not lying. They do make a good old fashioned.

Our bartender had brought out some sauces for us to enjoy with the poppers and the wings. We got blue cheese, we get them ranch, we got some ketchup, and then we got a hot sauce. This is like a the milder of the sausage. I think I ate for the Little League because I am not a hot, spicy kind of guy.

But I got a Little League. Minor league, a major league for the hot sauces. Hey, guess what has arrived taller than I am, the famous onion ring tower. And then we've got some horseradish sauce that goes with it. I can feel the heat emanating off of this thing. It is hot right now, okay? It's like seriously hot. If I bite into it now, I'm going to hurt myself.

But yeah, I'm really hot, really good. Yum. I mean, this is pretty pub food. Have a little fun while you're on the symphony. Received the bar is very active in front of us right now. But look, we have the 12 onion ring at the bar when you drink. I don't even know what the hell I'm saying, but we have the hot wings, though, Stephanie.

I ordered because of you, you're always raving about these wings, so I hope they're good. I know they're going to be good. Stephanie and I like the same thing so the minimum you can order is at 12. Rebecca does not even need to log. Probably these are going to be for me. I've actually I'm going to eat it without the idea, without the blue cheese version.

Oh, they're good. Waiting for the really good wings, either good or far pub wing did a really good rank. I got the Little League thought perfect for me. You got a little bit of heat to it. Just touch your hand in your coat. Really? Well, because Stephanie and everybody who raves around the wing here right now, we do have the horseradish shot.

This is this is horseradish shot. You want this with the onion rings? For sure. It goes you accidentally get a couple of a ranch at the same time. You add toward the horseradish, Oh, you're much better with the horseradish. I'm having a good time to night. See how the steak fries are. Are. You're pretty good. I could use a little more salt, which we can always add here to the table.

They're pretty good. But you get them jalapeno poppers to try that out. Oh, what do I try it with? Ranch. All right. Came with a sweet chili sauce. We're going to try it that way.

It's not the best. I mean, you've had a pretty good, you know. Make it to the endearing. Kind of bland, but then we get I'm dunking it in the horseradish. It's like everything here can use a little bit more salt, little bit more seasoning, except the wing.

The wings are really, really good, and the onion rings could use them maybe a little bit more salt, a little bit more seasoning. How is the impossible burger? Rebecca got the impossible burger and Rebecca said, There's a very nice sauce underneath the impossible burger. She said, It's actually quite good and they forgot to put the cheese on it.

So they brought the melted cheese out for her. I was able to get it on there for her. So you're on the symphony of seas. You're looking for some pub food. You're looking for some really good chicken wings. Come on down. And playmakers here on the boardwalk.

Hey, folks, tonight, dinner on the Symphony of the Seas is going to be Chops Grille.

This is the new American Steakhouse. And this is a fixed price dinner, which means that it is just a set price. Whatever you want to eat, you just go ahead and enjoy it. And this is located out in Central Park. It is absolutely stunning outside right now. You do truly forget that you're on a cruise ship when you are in Central Park, but you've got to hear these sides.

These are so fun. Gruyere cheese, tater tots, creamed spinach, grilled jumbo asparagus, mac and cheese. Yukon gold, mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, truffled French fries and salted baked potato. I get some really fun sides here, so kind of like our key lunch, which was in the main dining room. We get these lovely bread. This is an onion bread and this is a baguette, both very warm, but they give it a really nice butter.

I made a huge mess on the table with all the powder from the bread. Yeah, I just look really good here. Better than the lunch because it's nice and warm. We went with a Cabernet Sauvignon, and I let the waiter recommend one for me. He said This one is the best. Sorry I missed what it was, but cheers everybody.

Thank for following along on our symphony of a season journey and that is nice. Maybe I should have ordered a bottle now. Chops Grill is a stake house, but it said right on the menu that they will accommodate vegetarian and vegan. So just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you can't come here and enjoy. They probably have a separate menu that they will bring out, but you simply ask for it and then you can enjoy your dinner with everybody else in your party.

Okay, appetizers are out and I've got the beef carpaccio, which is raw beef. And Rebecca has the crab cake. Has that crab cake. Now, she got the crab cake appetizer. I really did last year. And again, beef carpaccio is essentially Robby with some cheese and arugula. All right. It's exactly what carpaccio should be. Oh, man. We've got a little oil around the side, so even better hit it with the oil.

Now, he brought something that he said was bacon, though. It's a pork belly that he brought out for the table. But, you know, Rebecca doesn't eat meat, so it's all mine. Did you? Oh, wow. That is why I like it when it's so ridiculously tender.

Like, if you were to think, holy crap. I mean, talk about good pork belly. Wow, that is right up there with the musseles in the hook. Seafood, we're really good on to the second quarter. So Rebecca has got the crispy goat cheese salad. I've got the world famous mushroom soup while mushroom soup, the aroma is unreal. I mean, if you like mushroom. Holy cow, that smell good.

First, I'm going to try this little crispy goat cheese dough into crispy goat cheese salad. It's like the little ball of crispy cheese on top of the salad.

Know, and a really good goat cheese to be a fan of goat cheese. I've heard rave reviews about that. Will it live up to the hype? We'll take a break there. Oh, that's ridiculous. Okay. That's a ridiculous mushroom shoot. I mean, I wish Rebecca could have it. They really should do it with vegetables. But that could very well be the best mushroom soup I've ever had in my life.

I literally got every drop I could out of that low. He waiting to see which of these sauces I'm going to get. Now, this is the one you recommend.

Really good, right? One more good. He wanted me to try to try to throw our our Andre Trout. Here is a final dance. Oh, yeah, please. Why not? I love being on a cruise. The servers are so incredibly awesome. So as you can gather our Andre to come out, I've got my lovely filet mignon right here. Perfect size.

He gave me three different sides. And then we've got our truffle fried sauteed mushrooms. We got our gruyere cod, and we got our creamed spinach over there. Rebecca has our lovely spicy shrimp. This filet is absolutely beautiful. I don't know how. Well. Yeah, there you go. You can feel a little better in a light like that. Absolutely beautiful.

I've got a bearnaise. I've got a red wine reduction. I'm not exactly sure what the other one is. Have them, but a little bit of all three sauces on your plate, furiously the back. And you can hear a little bit of her spicy shrimp like shrimp is really good. I think that shrimp is better than those really good shrimp.

Now, we got our side in here, too. We got her trouble right now. They're really soggy. They're not correct me. They're tasty, but they're way undercooked. They need to be cooked more. So we're going to actually going to send the truffle right back at them to cook them. Now we've got sauteed mushrooms and then we got Gruyere cheese topped and got dried.

A mushroom. Oh, yeah. Really good mushroom, by the way, underneath Rebecca. Shrimp and mashed potatoes. Good mashed potatoes. Here we go. Here. Decided the time. It is a good year. Cheese pot. Okay. There, there. The inside looks like Gruyere cheese pot.

Potato is good.

I don't take any cheese at all. Honestly, I don't either. The objective ought to be cheese in it. I don't taste that. It's really good. It's more like a kind of almost like a CORNISH actually.

Potato croquette. Kind of way. Yeah, potato croquette. It kind of reminds me of a connection, though. It is good. There's just not a whole lot of cheese flavor to it at all. Then we've got the green spinach.

I think you can skip the cream spinach. It's okay. It's not great. Oh, look at that. Thank you so much. We appreciate that. Now we got crispy fried three, four and five. Yum. That better. See if you get it. And if not exactly what you want, come take it back and fix it. Instead of the green spinach, you could ask for the finish that they put underneath the grilled branzino.

That is a like a garlic finish that amazingly good. Maybe get that if you want an finish instead is a really good meal. We're debating on dessert or so full again but it's like do you go to night in a row on a cruise ship without dessert at that light that like breaking some sort of rules? You know, I don't know.


The wine is good, though. And the dessert answer is yes. We went with the warm chocolate cake because we figured we didn't want to go without dessert. Two nights in a row in anger, the sea gods. So we figured we had to have dessert. We're on a cruise. I will get ice cream. We've like an undercooked brownie. Really warm.


But it's like an undercooked brownie. It tasty. So based on this sailing, I would say Chopped Grill is really, really good here on the when you ever see if you're coming on this ship, I would highly recommend that you come down this chopped grill. Try some of what you saw on here because it was delicious. And don't forget to leave room for the chocolate cake.

I can't. Multiple folks have told us to go try the pizza because Sorrentos is better than it used to be

in a few years, certainly before the pandemic and the last time we were on a Royal Caribbean ship. I have to say, looking at it, I am not impressed whatsoever. I got pepperoni and it you need to choose a pressure to pepperoni.

It looks like it's in there for a while. And I will say that with the most unhappy, grumpy version that has served in the entire ship, I don't know, maybe he's having a bad day. But I had two simple question. He was not happy about the question. Oh, anyway, we're going to try it. I don't have much hope for that, but here goes nothing more pepperoni.

It's cold, it's terrible.

Pizza on carnival is so much better on the carnival. Mardi Gras, really good pizza. That's really bad. Now the cheese pizza is fresh. And finally.

We have all. That much better good sauce on it is still on. Okay pizza. I wouldn't rave about it. I would not run out to go to Toronto's to get pizza on a cruise ship. But if you just want to keep the pizza in there, make sure it's fresh. If it means getting around a while like this, you do not want it. It's absolutely terrible. But there you go. So we tried Sorrentos again. I wouldn't recommend it unless you really have a hankering for bad pizza.

As part of the Cocoa Beach experience, you get an upgraded dining experience too. There is a restaurant dedicated just to the Cocoa Beach Club.

It is a sit down and order restaurant. It's quite lovely. It's not like that, you know, the barbecue where everybody just kind of goes up and get their own food. The server had brought out the starters. We've got a beach area, I've got a shrimp cocktail, Baba Canoes to Zeke and hummus. A really nice start to the meal. Rebecca and I actually ordered the exact same thing. We're both getting a lobster tail and we're getting grilled prawns, so definitely an elevated dining experience comes with the Cocoa Beach Club.

Yellow cocktail sauce on the cocktail. It's okay. That's definitely not the best shrimp cocktail in the world. I had some of the acreage. Okay. I'm not the best in the world, but it is certainly nice and being able to sit here and just relax and not have to stand in line when everybody else try to get some food, try some of this hummus.

The hummus looks really good. Hmm. My goodness. Still not bad for you. You might want to skip the Greek and the shrimp cocktail and all that, but the dip side, hummus, barbacoa and Gigi are all quite good. So for our drink, we actually went with a mocktail. This is a mojito. Frozen mojito mocktail. So means there's no alcohol in it.

Oh, that's really good. As you can probably hear the wind behind me, there are 25 not winds here. So it is blowing pretty good. So for the main course, we basically got surf and surf. Rebecca and I got the same thing. It is a full lobster tail and a bunch of garlic prawns and instead of butter we have a garlic only shot for the lobster.

A little dry based on a presentation. I think this was cooked on the ship that was reheated out here. So it's a bit dried out. You know, when lobsters, lobster, you basically got to go get fresh and serve it immediately. That doesn't hold up all that well. Rebecca said her steak's pretty good. I mean, I'm not saying it's bad, but it takes a little bit dry like it was cooked a while ago and then just quickly reheated.

But still, I'm having lobster and shrimp on an island. I mean, come on. Oh, don't. There's some clammy sitting in there. I actually stuffed a little meat in there, too, and tried to show her all good. We've got the garlic from the garlic garlic crunch, I think too much like on a shrimp or the keeper sauce for the shrimp number.

And then there are grilled vegetables. Rebecca said down underneath the shrimp, they have a full menu. You know, you got your burgers, you got your fish, you got that lobster, obviously. So it's not just lobster. I think there are about six or seven entrees on there and then a couple of starters plus, of course, they got dessert. You know, they get your brownie and a few other things on there.

I know he was saying he wanted to bring out a brownie for let's see what happened. But it is kind of nice. You know, you get to sit relaxed, have a little something to eat and more of like a restaurant atmosphere then then with an open barbecue kind of grill. So kind of nice. So I'm really enjoying the Cocoa Beach Club.

So today for lunch, we are trying a fun little meal. It is called A Taste of Royal.

And what it is, it's not only samplings from around the ship, but even sampling from restaurant that are not even on the symphony of the seas such as Giovanni's. That is not a restaurant that's on the ship. But we do have a dish coming from that restaurant on here.

We are in 150 Central Park here on the ship. And ever since they put it in like these Alice in Wonderland chairs and we feel like little children. Do you see how low I'm sitting and just feel like I need a booster seat up here? But isn't this hysterical?

I love that appetizer volume from one third. So the first course is out and this is from Wonderland it is a citrusy tuna tartare. Presentation's gorgeous. I absolutely love.

That's. Oh, right. Delicious. And we're going to Wonderland tomorrow. So we're definitely going to be adding this to our to our list of things to get there is a little spice in there and definitely a little spice in there. I mean, it's not hot, hot, hot. I I'm a wimp when it comes to like really hot things, but they're definitely a little spice in there.

I got My second course for The Taste of Royal is out and this comes from Giovanni's table March Capone cheese risotto with the crab meat.

And here's you know we went over.

I don't really taste a whole lot of crab meat and they are on the bland side. You know, I don't know what the difference is between them making it here and obviously making it a real Giovanni's table. It's pretty good. It's not the best, but it's pretty good. Like, I like it now with the taste of Royal. Like you can get an optional wine pairing, so it'll bring out a glass of wine, which each course for this particular meal.

I want to say, what about $25? They offered it here at the table. We opted not to do it because we had a wine course last night with our chef's table. So we had six glasses of wine last night with our meal. We don't need for more glasses of wine with lunch. So the main course has come out and this is from Chomp Grill.

We've got filet mignon and spicy jumbo shrimp that are filet mignon. I did ask them to prepare a medium to hopefully that's what we got. But Rebecca does not eat meat. So instead of a filet mignon, she has a beautiful filet of salmon sitting over there that is a little bit overcooked, but it's getting better as she goes into the middle of it.

But so she got salmon with the jumbo grilled shrimp. They also brought me the red wine reduction sauce, which is really, really nice. There's the filet actually does look like it's cooked pretty doggone well right there. All right. Now, addition to the red wine reduction, it really was actually a pretty good filet mignon. I'm enjoying that. It's a nice piece of filet mignon.

And the red wine reduction charge is absolutely fantastic. It is easily my favorite steaks off on the ship right now. And shrimp are good. They're not very spicy. I think they were spicier the other night over at Chop's Grill itself. So, Rebecca, noticing that the difference between ribs that we had at Chop and here, these actually have a little bit of a breading on them, which they did not have over at actual chops grill.

So they made them a little bit differently here. And again, they're not spicy really. I don't really taste any spice whatsoever. They're good, but they're not they're they're definitely not the same as what you would get over a chopped grill to finish off the taste of royal lunch. We come right back here to 150 Central Park, which is the restaurant that we are sitting in.

Is it a fried cheesecake? So we've got little balls or fried cheesecake with some whipped cream and caramelized popcorn. And then underneath it, we've got a Nutella caramel sauce that's been drizzled on to the plate, little balls of fried cheesecake trying to get in there. All right. All right. Get a little bit of Nutella underneath there. Get some cheesecake.

I got some Nutella on the fork and I got some whipped cream.

Right. You that.

And so it kind of reminds me of something that you might get like if you went to your local fair or carnival, it's kind of got that fun little it's a fun way to end a lionfish for sure. But I'm not like a Zeppelin. Hello to you. But did you chase the cheese in there? A little bit more, but definitely more of a fried dough ball.

And it is cheesecake for sure, but it's kind of what it looks like right there. The cheesecake in the middle there. Oh, my man. Now, the one thing I will say, we have eaten at a couple of these restaurants, freshly chopped grill. I don't know. The lunch is necessarily the best representation of the restaurant itself. I think the restaurant themselves, you're probably going to experience a better version of the meal.

So like if you want to try chopped grilled or you want to try Jamie's Italian or you want to try seafood, look to see if they're actually serving a lunch so you can actually have the meal in that restaurant. And again, you're going to save some money over the dinner price. But you do want to kind of just take a little sampling of what's available all around, especially Wonderland.

Wow. That tuna tartare thing that they served with that I think that was the hero of the entire meal. But Taste of Royal is a really neat way to get a sampling of what Royal has to offer in their specialty dining for dinner

Tonight on the Symphony of the Seas is actually, going to be our one and only night in the main dining room.

Rebecca picked that night specifically because it has garlic, tiger, shrimp, prawns, something or other. But there you go. It's Caribbean night in the main dining room. This will be our one and only night. This is a massive dining room. We had reservations. We made reservations for 715. We actually got seated right about 720. So right on time. It actually doesn't look all that busy tonight.

It's about the fourth night of the cruise. So this is about time people really start going out to some of the other specialty restaurants. So dinner tonight was ordered based on one of our Facebook members who said, you got to get the garlic, butter, tiger prawns, whatever these things are. So, Andrew, if they're not good, this is all going to be your fault.

I went with the pork taco starter. We both got the garlic butter tiger prawns. Whatever these things are, we are both getting an appetizer side of the pesto tagliatelle. It looked really good, and if you ask them, they will make you a appetizer side. So we're getting two entrees. One will be small, one will be full size. And Rebecca went with a honey soy and avocado salad for a first starter.

Oh, and here's my old fashioned. Oh, yeah, right in my hand. Thank you. That's perfect. Thank you so much. Cheers, everybody. Thanks so much for following along. That the best one yet really of all places. If you're looking for a good old fashioned, apparently the main dining room makes a good old fashioned. The appetizers are out and Rebecca is enjoying her salad.

That is a soy tofu and avocado salad. And I've got the two little baby tacos. This is what the the waiter recommended. He said, get the pork tacos for the appetizer. So that's what I went with. The whole flavor, decent that I like the best. It's not really like a taco is more like a bad one, but the onions are kind of nice.

Not bad, not my favorite, but I'm not complaining. Rebecca said the salad was fine. You know, nothing like truly exciting, but it was fine. She enjoyed it, right? Our main course is out and it is the garlic butter, grilled shrimp, tiger prawns, whatever it is, I'm going to put the graphic up on screen. Pretty nice butter. Could you add more garlic?

I mean, you've got garlic in the name. Not the most exciting thing. The rice really doesn't have a lot of flavor, not the best. But if you like shrimp, you will probably enjoy this. You know, it is a good butter shrimp. You know, in the main dining room, the flavors are generally a little bit more muted than when you go into the specialty dining, because they kind of expect that you're coming in there, you're paying some money.

So you generally not going to get meals that will knock your socks off, but they will be meals that you will enjoy. And I am enjoying this meal. I really am. There's really nothing wrong with it and just nothing spectacular. So entree number two, we asked for an appetizer side, the pesto tagliatelle. I think he brought out a full size.

So we're probably not going to be able to eat the whole thing. It's actually not tasty. It's really dated. It is not tagliatelle. This is fettuccine tagliatelle is definitely a little bit wider, but this is really flavor. I think this is the best thing that we've had at the table tonight. Rebecca just had an excellent idea. You know, order.

Ask him to put shrimp on top of that. The pesto tagliatelle. That would be amazing. Shrimp with the pesto tagliatelle that would be a winner. So dessert is out and our server recommended a pineapple sunshine. Kate Rebecca got the warm blueberry cobbler, so pineapple whipped cream and a sponge cake. Not bad. A nice air, really. Like it's not a heavy dessert at all.

So, you know, if you're feeling a little fall, you're here on Caribbean Night. Want to order something a little light? Not bad. Okay, this is the. The warm blueberry cobbler that Rebecca got so warm. Blueberry cobbler got warm at all where I just went in would not recommend the warm blueberry cobbler. I mean, it's kind of bland. They could use some sugar.

It could use some flavor. I mean, it just kind of tastes like blueberries that were warmed up and cooked down. Yeah, I think overall symphony was the main dining room. It was. It was pretty good. You know, is it the best meal you're going to eat? No. But is it a good meal? Is it a decent meal? Yeah, I think so.

I mean, depending on what you order now, the main dining room has to be more middle of the road because they're serving so many people. We had a good meal. I think you can find a good meal in here as well.

So today is our second sea day and we're going to have lunch at Jamie's Italian.

So especially on sea day, some of the restaurants will be open for lunch. It's a great way to try them and the price is cheaper for lunch than it is for dinner. So if you're kind of like on the fence, I don't know if I'm going to like Jamie's or not come on in for lunch and save a little bit of money and you can try some of the food.

So for lunch today, I'm starting out with a bruschetta salad and I've got a truffle tagliatelle. We both got the avocado Caesar salad for the main and. Then I'm going to get the skin on crispy fries. And it just sounded like fun because getting an aroncini ball for her starter and then you've got the RB active pasta is the spicy pasta and she got the polenta chip.

So we'll have a nice variety of things to show you. Plus we got the Housemade lemonade, fresh made lemonade with some mint. Debating the mystery, very flavorful. Maybe just a hint of mint in there. Could use a little bit more mint, but very flavorful. Appetizers are absolutely gorgeous looking bruschetta right here. I don't know that they could put any more tomatoes on that. Have they dried up as fast as the tomatoes scatter everywhere I'm getting they were anticipating me eating that with a fork.

But, you know, I am a I'm a grab it with your hands kind of guy. Yeah. So a little more dainty.

Would. Make about the bruschetta. I mean, it, it really is nice and light and flavorful. The bread is very, very tasty. So Rebecca got the the arancini balls, little rice balls. Delicious. Really, really nice, very nice light breading on them. They're not long time. The other breading is so thick. I had a very nice coating on it. Yeah. Mm.

It's second courses now. I've got my tagliatelle lady with that truffle. Rebecca got the arrabiato onto Penne, which she said might actually be too spicy for me. Arrabiata is a spicy pasta. I'm going to try it. So this is the the penny RB Which is spicy pasta. I heard the kick to it. If you're averse to spicy, you may or may not like it, but it definitely sitting on my tongue.

I mean, it's not like hot, hot, hot, but it definitely hit on the tongue tagliatelle, the truffle tagliatelle. Tasty. Not the best, but tasty. After a couple of more pork balls, I think there's a better way to describe it. It's just like a little flat. And the night I had the night, initial flavor to it. And then I just kind of go flat after that.

But it's still good pasta. I'm going to eat the entire bowl and my complaining about it new the is cocktail Dante which at night may be just a little bit beyond Dante but it's very clearly fresh pasta. If you like your pasta with a creamy shot, you might like this truffle tagliatelle. If you like a little spice, you might want to try that pan aromatic to the main course is out and we both got the avocado caesar salad.

And what's interesting, you don't see Caesar salad that often. I have actual slices of anchovies on them anymore. This guy's beautiful. Slices of anchovies. Nice shave, parmesan cheese on here. I got the skin on fried and Rebecca I got the crispy polenta chips and like our dinner over and chopped grilled fries came out a little undercooked in soggy.

I'm going to ask if they can take them back and give us another batch that actually cooked nice and crisp like they should be. So again, you know, you're paying for the meal. Don't be ashamed to say, hey, it's not quite what I expected. Can you please take care of it and will. Okay. Getting into the salad. Like I said, you know, a lot of actual pieces of anchovy, you don't see that very often anymore.

Usually Caesar salad dressing is just really heavy. The anchovies are ground in there. And for those of you who didn't realize, yes, there are anchovies in your Caesar dressing, you really like really nice and light, doesn't have that heavy, creamy Caesar dressing like you get on so many other Caesar salad, just a really nice light dressing and then you've got the shaved parmesan on top of there.

So yeah, this is a really nice light lunch. I am enjoying that. A little bit of pasta, you know, the appetizer, the salad, and then of course, you know, some of our carbs here with the with the fried item, they brought out our new fries. They are piping hot. They're nice and crispy. Just ask and they'll replace it for you.

So for dessert, Rebecca went with the salted caramel gelato and she's got some popcorn. She got some praline and chocolate sauce on there. Typically that comes with three scoots and gelato. Rebecca did that for two scoops to make a little bit smaller. Thanks to Good for more than enough. Really nice good popcorn. How do they recommend gelato and popcorn?

So Jamie's Italian for lunch is great. It's just a perfect amount of food. We Feel good? We don't feel overly full or anything like that. So you're considering gaming on the symphony of a seat? I would definitely give it a try.

So why should people come to Wonderland?

(The Mad Hatter)

They will enjoy it. They have to go to Wonderland to experience a magical thing that has never been experienced before. Say something extraordinary. Yummy, yummy.

Nothing creepy about that at all. (laughs)

It's the final night of the cruise and we saved Wonderland for the last night. Now, the Mad Hatter met us at the door and led us on down the rabbit hole. And the first thing we have to do, we need to find our menus. And the way that you find the menu is you painted.

Oh, see, the menu is starting to come through. So that is our menu for tonight. It is so cool the way you do this. Well, I actually wear the hat because you know, it's like a mad hatter had all I needed that little thing in the side there. Our servers are known as culinary guides. I think they are dressed up kind of like the white rabbit.

They're really fun. So he brought out a starter again. We didn't really know what it's going to be and he's like, This is the Mad Hatter shrimp treat. Absolutely gorgeous. He said the way to eat it is to dip it. I'm going to dip it in the sauce like a chili something sauce like it. I think I'm on like a bird's nest.

Oh, good. Wow. Ooh.

For the next two dishes, he brought out our the bird nest, which is an egg, a hard boiled egg with, I think Rebecca said, okay, and blue cheese. And then this is tomato material, kalamata, olives, and you have to mash it all together. You have to mash it all together. Try not to get it on my shirt while mashing it that the eggs, the bird, this definitely got the smoke from all that smoke that went around it.

I mean, it's a good deviled eggs. It's a really good deviled eggs. I have no idea if this is mashed. Right. I guess that's kind of the point. You do whatever the hell you feel like doing. And we're really good tomatoes, obviously. But for any cruiseline, they're very, very good about, you know, allergies or food restriction. Rebecca did not eat meat, which includes gelatin.

This particular dish, they did a little gelatin somewhere, like probably around the tomatoes. You think so? She's not eating it. It's actually quite good. Reconstructed, comprising. Now we've got crispy crab cones. Very cute. So they've got wasabi down in the bottom, so they're going to get spicier as we go. But we start with the avocado up on the top.

You it from the bottom up and everybody said, that makes sense. We're in Alice in Wonderland. So he said to eat it from the bottom up, start with the spice and then work your way up. Oh, dollop of that wasabi down there. But there are no crab meat. We want to find a way to eat it backwards, make sure we're in Wonderland.

So the next thing he has brought out is a citrusy? Is the name of it Citrusy. We don't talk about Citrusy down there. Stephanie obviously is apparently. But there is a particular way to eat that. So here we go. We take this ice. This is a caviar up here on the top. We take that off to the side.

We need that last. That's ice with some caviar. This is tuna tartare in the middle here. Oh, Rebecca showing me that I have a spoon. All right, so we're going to take the spoon. We're going to dig that. This is actually a lime. This is a hollowed out lime. So you take the tuna, you spread it on the filo cracker as gracefully as I possibly can.

And here we go. I know it's a lot, but this is how you eat. Eat it in one shot. One big bite is how you eat. Most of the things, they didn't bring it out. So I got the cracker. We've got the tuna fish. Do it all in one shot. Oh, yeah. And we just eat the ice.

Yes, just eat it.

We're Rebecca, go. Just eat it for a lower orange strap on. There is caviar.

Yeah. The cool fluffy.

Holy cow. That's ridiculously good. That just looks like a pile of ice. You thought there was, like, multiple citrusy flavors going on in there. Holy crap. How did they do that? I tasted some orange in there, some lemon, some other citrusy mixing. And then, of course, the caviar was on top of that as well. Wow, that was a cool surprise.

You got a short rib and been brought out with a whole bunch of stuff all around it. And. Rebecca And branzino looked absolutely stunning. Now, Rebecca, branzino is not breaded. It kind of looks like a breaded fried fish. It's not. That's actually a thin slice of bread on top of the fish. Absolutely amazing. Okay. Now, he said the short rib cooked for five and a half hours.

I mean, the knife just slid right through it, like like literally like butter, which cuts like butter literally cut like butter with that. That is tasty. I don't know. I've got Dutch all around here. I'm going to dip it into this. God, I think he said it was the apple puree. Maybe good short rib. It will cook, hopefully get good flavor to it.

I am enjoying it. Rebecca the branzino back there saying that the branzino is very good. What a clever way to do that. All right, so dessert. Rebecca got a massive thing. I've gotten candy that we then poured some liquid on top. What do you got down in there? Some sort of a tart that was hiding inside the caramel.

Candy, it's. Carmel.

Rebecca. I went, Oh, it's Carmel.

No, I mean, the stuff you poured. Out was the stuff that he poured with Carmel. Okay, I'll catch up. And then my toadstools, the big one is pistachio and the little ones actually have some spice to them. Now, Rebecca Can't eat it because they have gelatin in them. Gelatin the from pork. I like this way they got to show the toadstool wobbles. I like that little wobbly velvet cake down there in the bottom, but it's supposed to be pistachio flavor on the toadstool, and I'm letting it kind of go down into the red velvet cake soil.

Okay. I don't taste a lot of pistachio, but it is quite good. Refreshing. It's really light. Now, the secret here is the chocolate dome. Joe, if you've never been here before and you've not had that chocolate, all that, they melt on the table. Get that? You absolutely want that. We happen to have it at a chef table dinner.

So we did not order it here tonight. But if you've never been to Wonderland and you've not had that melted globe of chocolate, totally get that one. We've got a little sorbet. Probably have the sorbet. A really good mango sorbet. Yum. I am going to try that spicy mushroom now. I'm typically not afraid to get on top of it.

Oh, they're just right. It comes in at the end. Yes, it is. But if you can only beat that, I'm going to eat. So this is Rebecca. So I want you all that got candy melted. There was a tart sitting down there in the middle of all of that, I think a lot and lots of caramel go to drips.

Oh, I love that move. Really good, right? You get it. Really rich. That little tart would be to people easily. That is super, super rich. So then there's cotton candy and my God, it's got candy. Caramel, caramel popcorn all glued to my mouth right now. How fun is that? So wonderland on the symphony of the seas. What a fun experience.

We came this for the last night on purpose. No, we the couple that we met at the chef's table said that the chef table would be better than Wonderland. I will agree with that. But then again, we paid top tier money for a chef to cook for just four of us. So that was absolutely amazing. But I think overall, this might be my second favorite restaurant on the entire ship, just because it was whimsical, it was fun, and the meal was quite good.

Here's a quick look at the Windjammer buffet.

Now, this is a decent buffet. It's not the best one out there, but it is a decent buffet. Now, one thing we noticed versus previous sailings, it seemed like there was a little bit more variety and it seemed almost like they'd stepped up the food quality just a little bit, maybe getting a little bit closer to their sister celebrity Cruise Lines.

Rebecca really appreciated the Indian food. I mean, they had breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes out there on the buffet. Now, breakfast will be repetitive, but it always is on cruise buffet. But for lunch and especially dinner, the variety definitely seemed to be a step up from our previous Royal Caribbean Cruises. You're not going to go hungry in the Windjammer.

Happy holiday Santa! Happy holidays.

Hey, folks, tonight is a really exciting night. We have wanted to do the chef's table dinner on pretty much every cruise since we started cruising and tonight we're doing a chef's table dinner!

Chef's Table Dinner is an exclusive meal. There's usually no more than ten people. It is expensive. It's generally over $100 per person. And that's one of the reasons why I'm narrating this, because it's an expensive and decadent meal and I just wanted to enjoy it.

So we were told to meet at Vintages and I loved the way they set this up on the symphony of a sees it out in central Park on some of the ship it in the promenade. But I really like this location out in Central Park. We started off a little wine and I brought us this lovely tuna appetizer that was so freakin good.

And it was here. We found out there's only going to be four of us for this meal. So we literally had an executive chef cooking for just the four of us. They led us on down to the solarium Bistro where they have this table specifically set up for the chef's table meal. Really cool, like chandelier thing on top.

Our chairs were like bird cages. They were really funny. Now, the only minor knock I'm going to put on this dinner is that we were in the Solarium Bistro while the bistro was running. So all around us there were people, you know, in casual clothes getting their buffet meal and things like that. It would have been nice because we were paying a premium price over $100 per person to have an actual separated area.

So, you know, you really do feel like you're in an exclusive dining area, but that is a very minor quibble on what is going to be an amazing meal. A word of warning if you do this meal, that bread is wickedly delicious. But you got to control yourself because you've got five courses of dinner, plus a dessert coming.

So try the bread, but just have a little bit. Of course, wine was something I've never had before. Scallop carpaccio, which essentially raw scallop with yuzu vinaigrette and a crispy quinoa. The chef came out as he did for every single course. He explained to us, You know what went into the dish, what the dish is all about, and where the dish even comes from.

I will admit this was my least favorite dish of the entire meal, but I'm really glad I tried it. You know, you got to try new things and never had scallop carpaccio, so why not? Course two is like the most amazing tomato soup I have ever had in my life. It's a smoked tomato soup with garlic, focaccia, croutons, and some parmesan.

And this soup had a really cool back story. The chef came out and he explained that this was actually a family recipe that he brought on board.


This is my. Grandmother's secret recipes. So it's one of her soups

My God, this was literally the best tomato soup ever. I just realized for you wine aficionados, I should tell you which wine would being paired with each course. So with that scallop carpaccio, they gave us a Pinot Grigio from Italy. The brand was about eight teams. And with that amazing smoked tomato soup, we had a chardonnay from Conundrum in California, of course, three with the most unique Maine lobster salad I think I've ever seen.

I had from heart to palm. It had some pineapple, some cilantro and a vanilla dress ing, and they paired this with a sovereign Jon Blanc from Kim Crawford. As somebody who loves to cook, I just really enjoyed having the chef come out. Not only explain how each dish would made, but where the inspiration came from. Where in the world, what region this dish is from?

Oh, my gosh. Roasted branzino is, of course, for holy moley, grilled zucchini peppers, lemon compete and pesto. And this was paired with a chardonnay from Cakebread Sellers in California. I mean, I really wish you guys could smell those. I wish you could taste it. This was probably the most incredible fish I've ever eaten in my entire life. Cause five is a grilled filet mignon.

Will you look at this thing? Oh, I mean, bully minion. That thing is huge. But more on that in a second. Rebecca Doesn't eat meat. So she got some grilled shrimp and some clams on the side. I don't want to say Rebecca was disappointed, but it certainly didn't match up to the level of that, you know, grilled filet mignon dish.

I think they could have done something with a different fish, maybe a salmon, even though it would have been a branzino and a salmon. I think they could have put a little bit more effort in replacing that grilled filet for Rebecca.

Now back to the Meat.

Truffle potato puree. There's some asparagus. There's an amazing sauce there. This was paired up with a Cabernet Sauvignon by Oberon in California. People I have never had a fillet like this. I mean, it was I don't even know how to describe it. It was absolutely ridiculous. We were there with another absolutely amazing couple. We became good friends over the meal and even they said, Oh my God, we've never had a filet like this before.

This was I would have paid full price just for this filet. I mean, that fillet was worth the price of for me. And then dessert. Yeah. After all of that dessert. Oh, my God. This is called the world. And you get this in Wonderland. It is a big, dark chocolate ball with peanut butter ganache inside valrhona chocolate mousse and salted caramel gelato.

They poured this hot. I think it's caramel. Maybe it's some hot chocolate or something. They're just pouring right down on there to melt the ball. It is ridiculously amazing. And again, you can get this in Wonderland at one of the deserts. And then I said, What the heck? I got the salted caramel espresso martini to go with the dessert.

It was a good espresso martini. It wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was good. Folks, if you have ever thought about doing a chef's table dinner, I can tell you the one we had on the symphony overseas was divine. A couple of minor quibbles.

Maybe we had a little bit more separate in between us and all the diners out there in the buffet. But thank you to the chefs. Thank you to the servers. Thank you to everybody who put this on. Holy moley, people. Chef's table dinner. Well worth it.


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