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Symphony of the Seas Junior Suite 9636

Come Tour this spacious Junior Suite 9636 on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas Junior Suite 9636 Cabin Tour. The Junior Suites on Royal Caribbean are much larger than you might expect and they make really nice upgrades from a standard balcony. Guests who use scooters and wheelchairs may find the Junior Suite a nice alternative to an accessible cabin.

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos)

Hey, folks. Welcome to Cabin 9636 here on the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. Now, this is a junior suite. It's the first level in the royal suite. You'll get some of those suite perks. But the big thing, you're getting much larger cabin and a much larger balcony. So let's go ahead and take a look at Cabin 9636.

When you first walk into the cabin, you'll notice just how large this cabin actually is. For those of you who have stayed in balconies, interiors and ocean views in the past, the standards, that's the first thing you're probably going to notice. Oh, my goodness. There is so much room in this cabin at the moment. This cabin is configured for three people if necessary.

So we've got that big, beautiful king bed right here. And then over there on the side, that sofa is a single sleeper. It does not open up, so it does not pull out to sleep. Two more. So that would sleep one more person. So at the moment we could go ahead and have three people in here if we wanted to.

Now, one thing that I do want to point out is that if you either have or plan to rent a scooter, you'll notice this cabin has plenty of room in here, not only to park your scooter, but even turn around so you can pull in straight in. You could turn your scooter around. You see, there's all this room out here.

So this could be an alternative if there are either no handicap accessible cabins available on the ship, or you just simply want to step up to a suite. Now you do have to step up to get into a bathtub, to take a shower. So as long as you can do that, you could use this cabin very nicely with a scooter.

There are nightstands on both sides of the bed. In this cabin, however, only one side has a power outlet. There are no USB outlets and there is a single US standard plug on one side of the bed and down the right side of the cabin is where you're going to find all of your storage. So you've got big cabinets right there with your safe.

You've got some nice drawers down below. Get a bunch of drawers right here as well. There is a cooler behind that drawer. Now, they are very careful to say this is not a refrigerator. It's a cooler. It won't keep things ice cold. My favorite thing in the entire cabin is this Lavazza coffee maker. This is very strong coffee.

This is not like your K-Cups. Very strong, very nice coffee. This is great for me in the morning, in the evenings, right next to that, you do have your little desk to set up. I've set it up as my workstation for all my videos and I've been working during this cruise as well, but a really, really nice mirror.

Hi, everybody. There are three American style plugs and one European plug. Plus there are two USB ports down there, so you do actually have some pretty good power options down there. Now, as I have mentioned in some of my other videos, I am using a ten port USB hub, so I am able to charge ten devices using just one power outlet and I highly recommend getting something like that because you do not run afoul of the the power strip restrictions here on a cruise ship.

Then you come along the wall and there is your TV, which does pull out from the wall. It angles out and then a nice little chair there on the side facing back towards the front entrance. There's actually even more storage in here that I did not show you yet, the walk in closet. So in addition to all the other storage you have, you have a really generous walk in closet.

You got shelving up above plenty of room to hang your clothing. We've got shelving on the back wall as well. And I mean, you could probably fit a child bed in here if you really wanted to. So a really nice, generous walk in closet along with your robes over there. The bathroom in a junior suite is an upgrade from your standard bathroom tile, beautiful sink and tile work there.

Nice large mirror with some shelving off to the side. And then we come around and you get an upgraded shower with tile on the back wall. This little door here actually opens up. This is a glass wall that does swing out and open up to make it easier to get in and out. And a bathroom does come with a tub.

So you have to be aware of that and have any issues trying to step up and over that lip into the tub. You do need to step up into there to take a shower. As with most cruise ship these days, they do have a rain shower style head up there near the top. You've got your soap, your conditioner, your shampoo right there and pump bottles and then a dual control down here.

So one side turn to water on and off the other side, set your temperature. So once you've got the temperature set where you like it, you can pretty much just leave it that way for the rest of your cruise junior suite. Do come with a generous balcony and that little extra porthole window that you see off to the side there.

But stepping out, you'll see this is a very wide it's about twice the width of a standard balcony. So you do get plenty of room to sit out there. You can have a few friends over and just sit down, maybe play some games, have a drink. Now, one of our favorite features of the balcony and the reason why we picked this cabin, it's because the balcony actually sticks out from the rest of the ship.

You see this here? I call this a kick out. So we actually angle out from a ship, which means we get a nice view looking forward without having to crane our neck out or anything. So if you get the opportunity to get these balconies that kick out, they're really nice because you get a little bit of a better view looking out the ship without having to just lean out over the balcony to see what's going on out in front or in back.

And that to look at Cabin 9636 here on the Symphony of the Seas. And if we get any questions at all about the Cabin Royal Caribbean Symphony, drop them down in the comment below. We'll do our best to get you the answers.

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