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We Ride VelociCoaster and WHAT DID WE JUST EAT?

We tested out Velocicoaster at Universal Studios Orlando (twice!) and then ate the weirdest theme park snack ever!

After recently moving to the Orlando area we purchased some Annual Passes to Universal Studios. Just in time for the pre-launch of Velocicoaster! Our dear friend, Stefanie Mullen joined us for this exploration of the most intense coaster we've ever ridden and then we all tasted this super weird Jurassic Park amber snack. You have to see it to believe it!

Full Transcript, soon. apologies for typos.

Stef 00:00

There's a mosquito in there

Stef 00:03

That's a very odd thing to eat.

Walter 00:21

It's Saturday morning just a little bit before eight o'clock in the morning. It's a beautiful day did somebody photobomb me? I have no idea. But this is Universal. This is Stef. I've got Rebecca over here. And we're going to have a fun day. It's our first day as an annual pass holder. Stef's been doing it for a while, but she's gonna kind of be our guide, but it's like eight o'clock in the morning. And we're headed to Islands of Adventure, which is just opening up so as we get ready to enter the park. Here's an awesome voiceover with some interesting facts about Universal.

Walter 00:54

Universal Orlando opened on June 7 1990. The park sits on 541 acres and includes Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay, CityWalk, and eight Loews hotels. Epic Universe will be located a few miles south on a larger 750 acre site. It's scheduled to start opening in 2025.

Walter 01:25

All right, welcome into Universal we are in the Islands of Adventure right now literally just walking in. We are rapidly making our way to Hagrid's. As you can tell, we're running at top speed. I slowed the video down so you can actually see us. But yeah, so which way to Hagrid?

Stef 01:45


Walter 01:45

Straight ahead to Hagrids, let's go. So if you're coming down to Universal, make sure that you have the Universal app on your phone. So we were planning to go straight to Hagrids but for some reason it's delayed. And then we noticed that Velocicoaster only had about a 20 minute probably have a 30 minute wait when we get there. So make sure you have the app. Of course with any good theme park you put the weenie all the way in the back. So Velocicoaster is about as long of a walk as you can go to get all the way back.

Stef 02:14

There's Hagrids

Walter 02:14

So Hagrid's line is already forming up as you can see people getting ready it said delayed, so we don't know what that means. We're gonna go straight to the Velocicoaster to where we can get right Stef? That's the plan.

Walter 02:25

Oh, my God. It's like completely empty. Of course, you know, to go find Raptors and dinosaurs. We have to walk through Harry Potter land. What is it? Hogsmeade? Right. Hogsmeade is the name of that place? I can't remember. Yes. I saw all the movies shut up. I just couldn't remember. But yeah, so to go see the Velocicoaster. We have to walk through Hogsmeade. And it looks like the big crowd was all heading to Hagrid. So that's kind of cool. So the Velocicoaster should be somewhat clear. Yes. Here we go. Oooooh, the castle. So interesting tidbit about the castle. That if you look at the artwork in the Universal Legacy Store.

Walter 03:08

Ron's car is supposed to be crashed up there. But as you can see, there's no car. Interesting.

Walter 03:16

We are entering the realm of the Velocicoaster. And I am so excited. This is like the one thing I really wanted to do today. This and hopefully Hagrid and she's already done it. So one rule try not to pee yourself. Because somebody we know might have peed herself the first time she rode this thing. Let's go see what this thing is all about.

Walter 04:29

All right, Velocicoaster, not once but twice. We did it twice. One, first time we did it in the middle of the car. Second time we did it all the way up in the front. The front is a completely different experience. Now if you come early and you just run through and you don't get to do the queue. The whole idea is you're actually running with the Raptors. And if you look to your left and right as the ride starts you will actually see the Raptors run out in front of you on the video screen. I mean what is there to say about the Velocicoaster it is fast. The first launch is amazing. you're off to the races, you really do feel like you're gonna come out of your seat multiple times. When you do the final barrel roll before you come in at the end. I feel like I'm gonna go right into the water. But it's the second launch. That's absolutely amazing because there's not much. I mean, you just have to ride it. It's truly one of those roller coasters that you can't really explain. It's a ride that you can't really explain you just got to go do it.

Walter 05:22

So what did you think you know, you don't like to do roller coasters a lot. You'd like to do them. But what did you think of Velocicoaster?

Rebecca 05:29

I'm glad I do it. I'm not sure I feel the need to ever do it again.

Walter 05:35

I feel the need to do it hundreds of times honestly, so fast. It's so smooth. And it's really really fun. So don't psych yourself out. Go do the right Velocicoaster. Absolutely amazing.

Walter 05:56

Stef told us about the Jurassic Park Tribute Store I don't know why I'm talking quietly I feel like I should be talking quietly in here. It's a very cool store. I really feel like he's like going to get me What a gorgeous store though. The Tribute Store is actually right next to Revenge of the Mummy wow.

Stef 06:16

We're in the Raptor paddock.

Walter 06:17

We're in the Raptor paddock. Oh my god. Oh yeah, look at that you can see all the trees and everything behind me. Oh my god we've snuck in, we're on the we're on the wrong side of the fence.

Walter 06:26

Shhhhhh, quiet! We're on the wrong side of the fence. we're literally in the paddock. Look at this all around us. This is like the coolest theming for a store I think ever. There's a second part to the store. It keeps on going on you get to walk into the lab, which is also a store we got a combination of old school Jurassic Park stuff you can get here along with Velocicoaster stuff.

Team Member 06:36

Cupcakes are buy one get one free today.

Walter 06:50

She just said cupcakes are buy one get one free. Oh my god. Okay,

Stef 07:06

It's dirt. I mean, these are some good snacks.

Walter 07:09

These are some good snacks. And we know Stef loves snacks.

Stef 07:12

I love snacks! Ship snacks!

Walter 07:14

Yeah, I'll post the link down below. She loves snacks.

Stef 07:20

One of everything

Walter 07:21

Is the, is the dirt in a jar. good?

Team Member 07:23

Yes. It's very good. Very chocolatey. Very rich.

Walter 07:27

We need to get one of those. Yeah. All right. Yeah, I'm down. I'm down. I'm down for that. I'm down for dirt in a jar. Why not?

Walter 07:38

Uh oh, Stef said there's something else.

Stef 07:42

It's amber! You eat it!.

Walter 07:45

Oh my gosh. What is it?

Stef 07:48

I don't know. Pineapple Maple gummy. Let's get it.

Walter 07:57

Stef is getting the weird gummy thing.

Walter 08:00

So we love snacks. And we got the dirt. And Stef got the amber.

Rebecca 08:11

There's a little bug in there

Stef 08:12

A mosquito in there.

Walter 08:14

Got the mosquito in there.

Stef 08:15

We can make other dinosaurs!

Walter 08:18

But what is that again Stef?

Stef 08:20

Pineapple mango. Gummy. Or nut mango nut?

Walter 08:24

I don't know what she said. And then the dirt is all chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Let's go ahead hon, try it.

Rebecca 08:32


Walter 08:35

How do you get in there?

Stef 08:42

I mean, wha? I don't think you eat it with a spoon.

Walter 08:49

I don't know this is gonna be great. Stef, you figure it out. How do you eat it? There she goes. There's no pretty way to eat it.

Stef 09:07

That's a very odd thing to eat.

Rebecca 09:13

So the review is odd.

Stef 09:19

It's like weird in my mouth.

Rebecca 09:23

Now that's a quote that could be taken out of context.

Walter 09:24

Anything that's delicious. You always say oh, that's weird in my mouth. It's so good, but it's weird in my mouth. I don't know.

Walter 09:49

Please stand by as we figure out what this thing tastes like.

Walter 10:00

Well that was um, went on forever How would I describe this? It is very, very, very gummy. Like the gummiest thing I've ever had. And it doesn't chew well, it's weird. It's weird. I'm gonna leave it with weird.

Walter 10:23

Weird. Rebecca's not gonna do the amber, I will do the amber. But first I'm gonna try the dirt.

Rebecca 10:32

It is very chocolatey.

Walter 10:36

Basically, chocolate frosting it's a really great it's like a cross between

Rebecca 10:42

There's cakey stuff underneath

Walter 10:43

Yeah so there's cakey stuff in there, too. You know, there was cakey so I just got the you got the frosting first, but there's a little cakey stuff under there. This is really good. It's a really super rich chocolate cake and you can see, you can do the cake in there. Now. You want to see if this is less weird.

Rebecca 11:03

It is definitely gonna be less weird.

Stef 11:06

It's like dirt. So fun. Okay, I just took a huge bite. Huge.

Rebecca 11:20

Much less weird.

Stef 11:23

That's really good. Wow, that's really good.

Walter 11:27

All right. I mean, you know, you know what gummi feels like?

Stef 11:32

You have to take a big bite like I did.

Walter 11:34

I will take a big bite. Trust me.

Rebecca 11:37

It's like the weirdest stiffest jello ever

Stef 11:40

Yeah, it's odd.

Walter 11:41

You really got to bite into it to get it

Walter 11:48

I don't really taste much flavor. But it's like, like a, I guess sweetness to it. But there's really no flavor. So what did she say, she said pineapple mango all this stuff.

Stef 11:59

Something mango nut

Walter 12:01

I'm not getting any, I'm getting a sweet I mean it's fruity. But that's all I'm kind of getting like a fruity gummy things. But it's the kind of thing that you dare all your friends to buy and say Oh, you've got to get this and eat it. It amber!


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