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5 More Things To Pack For Your Next Cruise!

Watch the episode above or read the article below.

Here are five MORE things you should pack for your next cruise.

1: Water shoes. Walking around the pool areas, the beaches and other wet spots can be slippery. These water shoes give you give you traction and they protect your feet from rocks.

2: Towel clips or towel bands to keep your towel from blowing away on the beach or on the ship. These Shark Band towel bands from SailPak won't let your towel go anywhere.

3: Bathing suit! You can buy one on the ship, but they can be expensive, get one in port if you need one.

4: Sunscreen, and in particular, reef safe sunscreen if you're going into the water on the beach or during snorkel trips. It gets hot out there on the upper decks, on the beaches and in boats on excursions. Protect yourself

5: And don't forget a good hat. I'm partial to the wide brimmed safari style hats, especially when it's hot. They help keep the sun off your neck.

6: Bonus Item: a lightweight backpack to carry some of this stuff when you go on your excursions like these drawstring models. Or better yet, a waterproof backpack like this one from SailPak to keep your stuff protected and dry no matter where you are.


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