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5 Reasons To Cruise For Thanksgiving or any Holiday.

The first time we cruised for Thanksgiving we realized, THIS is how you do the Holidays! No stress, no cooking, no cleaning and all pampering.
Watch the video episode above or read the article below.

Have you ever considered cruising during the Thanksgiving (or Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's) holiday? We've done it five times and it's fantastic. So here's five reasons you should consider a Thanksgiving cruise.

Number One: no turkey drama. I mean, you've all been there, right? You've either been at a friend's house, your mom, somebody's house.

The turkey is not cooking right. Or the mashed potatoes aren't done or just the whole meal isn't coming together the way it's supposed to. And there's all the drama going on in the kitchen. On a cruise, somebody else is cooking the meal for you. You just enjoy the cruise.

Number Two: for you, football fans. Football on the big screen out by the pool! So many ships today have big big screens out by the main pools or massive sports bars. I mean, you've got a beer in hand. You got a cocktail in hand. You're out on the ocean. If they have a big screen by the pool, the games are going to be up there. Sometimes they have the games on in the theaters or other places around the ship.

Instead of just sitting in your living room with some family, you're hanging out with a whole bunch of new friends watching the football on the big screens.

Number Three: Thanksgiving cruises are generally cheaper than Christmas and New Year's. So if you're looking to take a holiday cruise, Thanksgiving is generally the cheapest one. You kind of get your Christmas on, you know, the Christmas holiday kind of get started with Thanksgiving. It's sort of kind of like getting a Christmas cruise.

And another little tip, the week after Thanksgiving is usually even cheaper. So if you can take that week after Thanksgiving, that's generally an even cheaper time to go.

Number Four: no driving. I mean, somebody's got to drive somewhere, right? You got to drive for the house. You have this whole meal, you stay way too long. You're super tired. You have to drive back home.

There's no driving involved when you're on a cruise ship for Thanksgiving. You've just got to be able to get yourself back to the cabin.

Number Five: do I even have to say it? You're on a cruise. I mean, you are in the ocean. You are on a cruise ship. You are being pampered. You know how many of your friends are going to be jealous and they're going to say, Oh, I can't believe you're going on a cruise.

But secretly your friends are going to be like, 'Oh man, I wish I was on a cruise with them because I wouldn't have to deal with all this drama.'

You're on a cruise ship. Do you really need another reason to take a Thanksgiving cruise other than you're going to be on a cruise ship? So those are my five reasons why I think you should take a Thanksgiving cruise.

Now, here's a bonus tip. If you want to have the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving night on the ship, my recommendation is to skip the main dining room. It's really hard to make a good Thanksgiving dinner for, say, 2000 or so people. When I tried it, it was kind of like a Piccadilly cafeteria.

Go up to the buffet where they usually have turkey at the carving station. It's generally more moist, it has more flavor to it, and they're cutting it fresh just for you as you ask for it. So if you really want that turkey dinner, go up to the buffet.

I'd love to hear about your Holiday cruises in the comments .

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