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Cruise Cocktail Recipe: Vodka Stress

We found this recipe in the book, 11,000 Drinks, 30 Years Worth of Cocktails by Paul Knorr. It's great for home mixologists to try out flavor combinations and test out drinks you might have seen on menus, but never wanted to pay for. Click here to check it out.


1 Part Vodka 1 Part Coconut Rum 1 Part Peachtree Schnapps Splash of Cranberry Juice Splash Orange Juice


Add ice to a cocktail shaker

Add all ingredients to the shaker

Shake well for at least 10 seconds

Pour over ice into an Old Fashioned, High Ball or glass of your choice


Measurements in "Parts" is setting the ratio for ingredients, you select the actual amounts. In my video example 1 Part = 1oz. All ingredients that call for 1 Part will be 1oz of that ingredient. 2 parts would be 2oz and so on.

The use of large ice cubes made specially for cocktail drinks means less water melt into your drink.


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