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Cruise Relaxation Aft Wake on the NCL Escape.

Introducing Cruise Relaxation Series, your virtual cruise ship views from on board the ships, at ports of call and on excursions. 20-120 minutes of pure natural views and sound as it was recorded. Relax with a cocktail, enjoy your morning coffee, throw a cruise party, fall asleep to the sounds or just keep your 'virtual balcony' up in the background while you work. New episodes are released most Wednesdays on our YouTube channel. Relax on the aft deck of your virtual cruise ship for the next 40 minutes as we enjoy the mesmerizing view and sounds of the aft wake. In this episode, we’re aboard the NCL Escape sailing the Bahamas en route to Great Stirrup Cay looking aft from the Waterfront on Deck 8. What’s your favorite place on a ship to watch the ocean go by?


The Cruise Relaxation Series is an escape to enjoy between cruises with sights and sounds for some relaxation and stress relief from your day. These are virtual cruise ships and virtual windows to the outside. Grab a cocktail, a cup of coffee to sit back and relax, or run these as a virtual window while you work. They're also perfect for land-based cruise parties! Where’s Walter Travel is your Independent Travel Advisor for cruises, theme parks, group travel, destination weddings and special event travel.

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