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Art Deco Historic District, South Beach Miami

Gorgeous Area for a Stroll.  History and Movies.

The Facts:

ACTIVITY: Art Deco Architecture

TYPE:  Walking district, Classic Hotels and Movie Locations

LOCATION: South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida (Ocean / Flamingo / Lummus)

While Ocean Avenue, South Beach is probably the most walked and photographed street full of art deco architecture, the historic district covers multiple blocks.  There are glorious examples of the architecture all around and I encourage you to walk up to the buildings to see some details that are only visible up close, such as etched glass in the windows of current or former lobbies.

We would get a coffee or cold drink and just walk up and down Ocean Avenue.  So much fun to take in the history, colors and shops of the area. I will say we tended to walk on the park side of Ocean Avenue because the restaurants take over the sidewalks on the hotel side and they will constantly hound you to join them for breakfast / lunch / dinner. Walking on the park side of the street is more peaceful.  The other roads in the area don’t have the issue with the restaurants crowding the sidewalk.

For me the landmark I had to find was the exterior from the Robin Williams, Nathan Lane classic, “The Birdcage.”   That is The Carlyle Hotel located on Ocean Avenue near 13th Street.  You’ll notice that the word “The” is the same script as used in the sign in the movie.

The Historic District starts about a 10 minute walk from the Villa Italia Hotel in SoFi. A beautiful area not to be missed if you are in the area.


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