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Metromover, Miami

Excellent Way to Get Around Downtown Miami.  And it’s Free!

The Facts:

ACTIVITY: Transportation.  Monorail type of transport.

TYPE: Outdoors and indoors.  Steep stairs or elevator

LOCATION: Downtown Miami

WEBSITE: Metromover

The concierge at our hotel told us about the Metro Mover. It was about a 3 minute walk from our hotel, the Hampton Inn, Miami-Brickell.  It’s sort of a cross between a monorail and a light rail train that runs on rubber tires. There are four main lines that can get you around many of the major activities that are available in the area. Best of all, it’s free. Hop on, hop off.  You can also transfer to the main light rail lines which will take you even further around Miami, but those will cost you a regular fare.

Take a close look at the map on the website to see which line(s) you’ll need and where to transfer if needed. Note that there are multiple routes of the Metromover, so depending on where you are headed, you might need to switch trains even within the system. This is NOT a continuous loop, go everywhere on one train type of thing, you do need to transfer to get to some areas.

We stayed in Brickell and it was easy to get up a bit north of our location to visit restaurants and attractions.  We also took the Metromover to within about 3 blocks of the Bayside Marketplace to catch the Island Queen Tour.

Note that you will need to walk down a long flight of stairs up and down to the stations, but elevators are provided.


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