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Review: Taste of Twin City Food Tour: St. Croix USVI

Awesome way to experience the local cuisine and learn some local history.

The Facts:

CUISINE: Virgin Island Food Tours

LOCATION: Near King Street and Smith Street, 00820, St. Croix

We visited as part of a recent cruise. To get there it's a quick 30 minute taxi ride from the cruise port in Fredrickstad to Christianstad. The taxis are right in the port and on our visit was only $16 round trip per person.

When we visit new countries and new cities, we love to explore the local cuisine. Having a local take us into places we never would have found makes it even more fun.

We met up at Singh's Fast Food and it was excellent. We had some Doubles, but a smaller version of the Doubles. Soft dough filled with potatoes and other vegetables cooked almost in a stew. So incredibly good. If we had more time we would have sampled even more goodness as the entire place smelled amazing. Nice to meet local family run businesses.

Next was a short walk with some history of the island and then Gary’s Bakery and Deli This is a very popular spot as we saw loads of people coming in and out of here prior to arriving. We sampled the Coconut Drops and the Bush Tea. The Coconut Drops were like extra large, soft cookies that were divine. Bush Tea just means that there is a mix of leaves in your tea. Tea leaves come from bushes, hence the name “Bush Tea.” In our case the tea was predominately lemongrass but had flavors from other leaves as well. Absolutely delicious. We grabbed some more coconut based goodies to go on our walk.

Another short walk to digest and learn more history about the island and the city of Christenstad, then it was on to Zeny’s Restaurant. On our visit it was fresh chicken, rice and beans along with a fresh plantain. The chicken was cooked perfectly with a nice balance of spices, but no spicy heat. The rice and beans were a little on the bland side, but still good and I loved the plantain.

Then we headed down to the docks to sample a local rum punch type of drink and take in the view of the water. Simply a gorgeous place to sit and relax in the shade as the chicken meandered under your feet. Yes wild chickens are everywhere and they're quite entertaining.

The tour wrapped up at Ital in Paradise and we never would have found this place if it were not for the tour. Ital is a vegan restaurant that is simply delicious no matter if you’re a vegan or not. The tables are hand-made mahogany that were crafted from trees that were knocked over during Hurricane Maria. We learned that a lot of locals crafted furniture from those trees which were originally scheduled to be burned.

We were served some lentil fritters with a mint and basil sauce that were simply divine. I don’t know what he put in the sauce, but it was amazing and the fritters were awesome all on their own.

We capped off the tour with some locally made ice cream. Plenty of food, some great history and culture and this was a fantastic tour.

Getting back to our ship was a super easy ride back via taxi. Highly recommend this food tour of St Croix!


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