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Where's Walter TV launches on YouTube

I'm so thrilled to finally be launching our concept on YouTube. We'll be bringing you at least two videos per week on Cruising, Travel, Eating and Drinking. Possibly all at the same time.

As a filmmaker and storyteller for many years who has traveled all over and who loves to cook, we're going to be bringing you much more information to help you live your life worth living. The best part is Rebecca is joining me! She might be hidden behind the camera at times, but she's going to be joining us for discussions and offering her advice as well.

Be sure to Subscribe to the channel and we'll see you out there!

Full Transcript. Apologies for any typos.

Walter Biscardi, Jr. 0:09 Hey folks, welcome to Where's Walter! I'm Walter. And I'm Rebecca. And where's Rebecca? Well, Rebecca is actually behind the cameras. She's a little camera shy. So she offered to run everything from behind the camera. So thanks, Rebecca. You're welcome. And don't worry, you're going to get to see her she kind of can't hide from me when we're out on the road or sometimes just here in the kitchen cooking. So why are we doing this? Well, I've been a filmmaker and storyteller for almost 30 years, taking my cameras most everywhere when I'm traveling. I love taking photos of shooting video. And I'm also an Italian family raised chef. I can remember being eight years old cooking my first pot roast and totally freaking out my mother that I'm an eight year old using the oven without her even in the house. So I love to cook and in the past five years or so I've turned into a little bit of a home mixologist so now I love making drinks. And that's really from my love, of cruising. I started talking to a lot of bartenders and learning their tips and tricks and what I should have and making some of these drinks. So that's what Where's Walters all about? I started the website a few years ago. It's got some recipes, got some reviews on it. We have what we think is a lot of great advice to help you guys you know, plan your cruises, plan your travel, share with you some recipes and tips working in the kitchen. So that's what Where's Walter is all about I thank you for joining us. But before we go, what do you think is the real reason Rebecca's hiding behind the camera, Rebecca? Rebecca 1:29 Okay, here are your options. A. I'm in the witness protection program Walter Biscardi, Jr. 1:33 Ooo, witness protection program. Now that might be too obvious, but go ahead. Rebecca 1:37 B. I'm a wanted criminal. Walter Biscardi, Jr. 1:38 Oh, wanted criminal. I didn't know that. Rebecca 1:42 C. I don't want my other husband to know about this. Walter Biscardi, Jr. 1:45 Other husband. Did you see that coming? I certainly didn't. Rebecca 1:48 D. I'm an international woman of mystery. Walter Biscardi, Jr. 1:52 Woman of mystery. So what do you think it is? Put your answer down there in the comments below. And if you like what we're doing, be sure to subscribe to the channel. We'll see you in the next episode.


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