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B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure, St. Thomas VI

Incredible way to go underwater without SCUBA.

5 Stars

The Facts:

WHAT: BOSS Aqua Adventure

LOCATION: 8168 Crown Bay Marina, Suite 310, PMB 154, St Thomas VI 00802 


We booked the BOSS submersible adventure during our Celebrity Equinox Cruise. This is a one-man submersible unit that is essentially a huge diving bell over your head and you ride on an electric scooter underwater. Essentially snorkeling without the need to snorkel.  I really enjoyed this as I don’t really snorkel and it was neat to go underwater and see the fish up close. I was admittedly nervous about getting into the unit, but it was actually quite easy to get in and out of the unit in the water.

You get about 20 minutes in the unit and there are 3 or 4 groups of people who go out at a time, up to 50 people total.  When you’re not in the BOSS unit, you’re free to lounge on the boat, go for a swim or snorkel. You’ll have about an hour of snorkel time when you’re not in the unit. Captain and crew were awesome, putting everyone at ease in the water and ensuring everyone was comfortable in and out of the units. 

Note that if you're traveling on a cruise ship, you can only book this tour through the cruise line.


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