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Alino Pizzeria, Buford Georgia

Excellent Napoletana Pizza north of Atlanta.

The Facts:

CUISINE: Italian, Napoletana Pizzeria – Fast and gourmet pizzas, salads and desserts

LOCATION: 3333 Buford Drive NE, Mall of Georgia, Buford, GA.  

WEBSITE: Alino Pizzeria

We stopped by after shopping one night after hearing that a new Napoletana pizzeria had opened in the area. Alino did not disappoint.

It’s a huge warehouse type of setting with rows and rows of bench picnic table style seating and there’s also a rather large outdoor covered patio as well. The only issue we had is that the benches are a little tight to the tables so it’s not the easiest thing to get in and out of the benches.

There’s only one size of pizza and one pizza will easily feed three adults. Being Napoletana these are VERY thin pizzas so you don’t get that heavy, filling dough as you eat this. One adult could easily eat three to four slices of this pizza and not feel bloated.  You order from the front counter and then they bring your food to you. After ordering, you’ll see the extra pizza toppings to your left, cheese, pepper flakes, etc… Plates, paper towels and utensils are all on the tables.

For two of us we went with the Caprese salad and a Bellucci pizza which featured Cremini mushrooms, caramelized Cipolline onion, fresh garlic and truffle oil. The pizza cooks so fast it was delivered immediately after we received our salad. Probably less than 1 minute in the wood fired oven. The Bellucci was absolutely delicious. Great cook on the mushrooms and the truffle oil was incredible. I actually ended up eating the pizza first and finished with the salad since it came out so fast.

I will say that the mozzarella on the Caprese salad was flavorless. Usually there a bit of a salt flavor to it, but this one was pretty bland. The tomatoes in the salad however were awesome.

Very glad to have Alino in the Buford area, outstanding pizza.


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