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Breezes Bistro Tropical Grill, George Town, Grand Cayman

Nice Views Outside, VERY Slow Service, Ok Food

The Facts:

CUISINE: Caribbean, Pizza, Fish & Chips. A somewhat “Americanized” local menu.

LOCATION: 8 Cardinal Avenue, George Town, Grand Cayman

We were here for the day as part of a cruise port stop on the Celebrity Reflection and due to the cancellation of our planned excursion, we decided to try a local joint.  Breezes looked like a fun spot and with absolutely no knowledge of it whatsoever, we walked in.   We decided to go with the pizza because they showcased a “local flavors pizza” claimed it was awesome.  I could also see they had a bonafide brick oven behind the counter.

The pizza was called the “Island Life” and claims to include local plantain and pepper jelly with brie, roasted garlic, caramelized onions, rosemary and drizzled with balsamic cream.  It looked pretty with the swirls of balsamic on top, but the pizza was literally flavorless except for that balsamic swirl. This after the pizza took over 45 minutes to arrive as I watched the pizza maker work on what I guess is “island time” in extreme slow motion. The pizza oven must not have been hot enough either because it took quite some time for the pizza to bake. A proper pizza oven would bake and crisp up much faster.

We really wanted to try a local joint while in Grand Cayman, but this is a spot I would avoid unless you want fried food and beer. But note that the service will probably be very slow.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of the actual pizza. The thought never occurred to me because it was just not good. That picture up there is a pirate ship that you can go out and have drinks and shoot the cannons. Probably more fun than eating here. 🙂

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