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Dirt, Miami

Very Fresh Flavors Make for a Great Meal

The Facts:

CUISINE: Vegetarian – Salads, soups, sandwiches, breakfast

LOCATION: 32 5th St, Miami Beach, Florida


Dirt is not your typical restaurant. The ambiance is more industrial than inviting, it actually gives off a bit of a cold feel. But the fresh flavors are simply amazing so look past the ambiance to enjoy the fresh food. It was literally around the corner from our hotel, the Villa Italia.

I went with the Bombay Bowl and a bowl of the oven roasted tomato soup, while my wife went with the Chimayo Chili Bowl. In the Bombay Bowl the combination of the Argula on top of the butternut “cream” was outstanding. Nice combination of flavors and the cauliflower was a great touch. The Chili Bowl was really good, again great blending of flavors. The oven roasted tomato soup was pretty good although it could have been a little hotter. As in the physical heat, not spicy heat.

Looking at the breakfast options, we were planning to return for breakfast before we left Miami however we arrived 20 minutes too early. So we ended up elsewhere for breakfast. But when visiting Miami, the flavors in Dirt are amazing and it’s a great alternative to just about anything else in the area. Highly recommend this quirky little place for anyone who loves good, fresh food.


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