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Fratelli La Bufala, Miami South Beach

Incredible Food and People Watching

The Facts:

CUISINE: Italian – Casual with very high quality service and food..

LOCATION: 437 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida

WEBSITE: Fratelli La Bufala

My wife and I walked to Fratelli from the Villa Italia Hotel upon a recommendation from the hotel manager.  The restaurant is literally less than 5 minutes away, just up one block from the hotel.  The pizzas are essentially personal sized with four slices so they are perfect to split with your date along with a salad or appetizer.

The bread for the table was very fresh and the olive oil for dipping was outstanding.

We started with the Burata appetizer that was one of the largest burata cheese balls I’ve ever had, incredibly fresh, served on a bed of arugula and fresh tomatoes. Simply outstanding with the fresh olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For the pizza we went with a Parmigianna which is eggplant, tomato sauce and the burata mozzarella cheese. Incredibly good. I will note that while this is neopolitan pizza, the crust is soft. It’s not super crisp all the way through. The server told us the pizza literally cooks for about 1 minute due to the heat of the and the pizza does come out a bit on the softer size in the middle. The flavors from the cruse to the toppings are simply outstanding.

Overall, an excellent meal and we had a good time people and car watching from the outdoor table.

A version of this review first appeared in Trip Advisor.

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