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Vivo Italian Kitchen, Orlando Florida (Universal CitiWalk)

Great Flavors and Service. Avoid the Calamari

The Facts:

CUISINE: Italian – Full Menu and bar.

LOCATION: 6000 Universal Blvd, Universal CityWalk, Orlando, Florida

Growing up in an Italian family, I’m always skeptical of “resort / theme park” Italian restaurants. Vivo was actually quite good and our experience was definitely enhanced by the outstanding service.

Now the meal started off horribly with the Calamari appetizer. A rubbery mess that had absolutely no flavor. That should be a staple for any good Italian restaurant. Fortunately our waiter was happy to switch it out for something else and we went with the Vivo Stuffed Flatbread which was outstanding. Our spirits renewed we looked forward to the main courses.

My wife, a vegetarian went with the Puttanesca and it was very good. I was eyeing the Squid Ink Pasta but another in our party was ordering it so instead of ordering two of the same thing I went with the Amatriciana because I love pancetta. The Squid Ink Pasta is one of the best seafood pasta dishes I’ve had in a very long time. Excellent flavors all around. The Amatriciana was good, but it felt so much heavier than the Squid Ink Pasta. Given the choice to do it again I would take the squid ink pasta.

We were too full to try the desserts. This is a fun, cool place to enjoy a nice Italian dinner. Just avoid the Calamari

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