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Naked Taco, Miami South Beach

REALLY Good Empanada

The Facts:

CUISINE: Mexican.  Features a full bar, and a rooftop bar with pool

LOCATION: 1111 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida

WEBSITE: Naked Taco

We visited the Naked Taco as part of a Miami Culinary Tour and they served us their signature empanada which had an amazingly good beef filling. We were told it is simmered so long the rest of the ingredients basically melt into the meat. That’s what it tasted like, just an amazing blend of flavors and spices.

They have a huge bar, great vibe and really good menu along with a “secret room” in the back from the mafia casino days. Ask the employees to tell you about the code in the flooring that was used to designate the gambling areas from the non-gambling areas.

A fun treat and about a 15 minute walk from the Villa Italia Hotel.  


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