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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite

Here's our Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite full walkthrough and review.

This is Cabin 12011A on the port side, aft of the ship on the Virgin Cruises Scarlet Lady. Approx 350 sq. ft cabin with an approx. 550 sq ft. balcony, this is the largest suite and balcony combination we've ever had!

AND we have a fully stocked bar! See why Virgin Voyages may be our favorite new cruise line and discover what the Scarlet Lady Cheeky Corner Suite is really like. Would you book this suite or do you prefer an interior or balcony cabin? Let us know in the comments!

TRANSCRIPT: (excuse the typos)

Hey, folks, I. Walter, welcome to our cheeky corner suite here on the Scarlet Lady.

Hey, folks, thanks so much for joining us. And as always, please, please hit that subscribe button. Click the little bell icon so that you'll be notified when we have new content. Channel is all about cruising travel and just making the most of your vacations and hopefully your life. So welcome to the Scarlet Lady. This journey started in the spring of 2019 when we booked our first crew that was supposed to be a Cuba cruise.

Then the US government said, You can't go there anymore. So then we changed the cruise and then the pandemic came and we had two more cancelations. And now here we are. Three years later we started out with a sea terrace. And then when they canceled our first cruise, we got a 200% future cruise credit. So we upgraded to a suite app suite.

When they canceled the second cruise, we upgraded again to the cheeky corner suite. This is cabin 12 011a of the slightly confusing things about Virgin Voyages is they had the same cabin numbers on both sides of a ship. So we have 12 011a and our friends have 12 011z. So A is the port side of the ship. Z is the starboard side of the ship.

A little bit confusing when you're looking at the cabin, but that's how they do it here on Virgin Voyages. Now, before we start to tour, this is a lived in suite. This is not pristine. So yes, they've cleaned it up, but you'll see that we've got stuff everywhere. If you want to see a pristine suite, go to hard travel and watch Danny Hopper's tour of a completely pristine, beautiful suite.

But this is what it looks like lived in. So welcome to Cabin 12 011A. Now, when you first.

Enter into the cabin, this is where your main storage closets are going to be. The big double door closet has plenty of room for your hanging clothes. And then down on the bottom you've got a.

Shelf space for your shoes. And behind the third door, that's where you'll find show you're safe. And then four drawers at the bottom. So there's quite a bit of storage to get you started right here. And as we walk into the suite from the front door and take a quick peek around, but here's the bedroom area, the suite at about 350 square feet.

I'll come around, there's the vanity area and then the peekaboo bathroom. As you can see, I am very casual. That's the way we do it here on Virgin. You just sail the way you want to sail and we'll look at that bathroom in just a second. But first, this would be your main makeup area. You see, you've got the little chair down there.

There are three drawers down below. And then right up here, you do have a regular outlet along with a European outlet. And then the big almost full length mirror actually it is a full length mirror down the side next to the vanity, you got this funky little chair, which is right next to one of the set of doors that goes out to the balcony, which we'll look at last.

But you do have two sets of doors that take you on out to your massive balcony. Outside the bed is a full size king bed. I honestly don't know if you can split this like you can in other cruise line, but this is a full size king bed. And I will point out that over here on the right, you do have a couple of USB ports along with an American plug, and then you get some light switches and whatnot.

And up here are your nightlight reading light. Just a nice decorative shiny. It looks almost like it's marble back there, but it's just a shiny decorative area and there's an identical set up on the other side. You get the USB ports, plus the American plug in switches, and this is the main control tablet that controls most of the stuff here in the room right in front of the bed, you've got a very large screen TV.

This looks like it's about maybe 60, 65 inches or so. And it is on a swivel. So you can point it in most every direction. A walking past the bed. This is where we get to my favorite part of the entire suite. There's fully stocked bar now, unlike bars and the mini bars that you get on all the other ships when you are in a rock star suite, this bar is included with the price of admission.

So as you can see, I've got a full bottle of tequila. I've got a little half bottle there, a Bombay gin. I've got about a half bottle size there of Tito's vodka. Now, I've got a really big bottle of Johnnie Walker, Black Label, Scotch. I've turned the top of the bar into my charging and computer workstation area because there's two outlets over here.

But right here, here is the famous record player and our rockstar agent brought up some vinyl for us and we can request other vinyl if we don't like the song that we've got here. And there's a little Bluetooth speaker back there so we can rock out as much as we want. That's a lot of fun, but this is what I really like so continuing on with the bar, they gave us a full set of beautiful bar glasses, a full bar set.

So I got the jigger, I got the shaker, I got my mixing glass, got the stirrer, got a cutting board and a knife that my strainer and another strainer back there and then a mug. So they literally gave us everything to make our own cocktails in the room. I flat out love this. The only thing that you're missing are mixers, you know, anything to mix with.

And then below the front of the bar, you've actually got three more drawers right here for storage. And then underneath all of that, we've got our mini fridge and there's a couple of wine. The beer, anything.

That's in this fridge is included in the suite. Also have some tonic water over here. We asked them to bring up some lemons and limes so we can make some drinks.

However, if we want to replenish the refrigerator or if we want to replenish what's up on the bar? We will have to pay for that. If you're in a mega rock star suite, you do not have to pay to replenish. They will refill the mini fridge and your alcohol as much as you need. Turning back from the bar, you've got the little corner sectional and then you've got this table up here.

They keep replenishing us with both sparkling water and water and we've got the ice bucket there. Anything we need, we just simply ping our room steward, or are we paying our rockstar agent and they bring it up to us? It is truly awesome. And now the peekaboo bathroom. Now there there's actually a door right in front of it that's not a mirror.

And now the lights are on. You can see into the bathroom, too. Let's go on in and take a look. You step up into the bathroom and this is all marble. There's a beautiful marble tile here. So here are the bathrooms. These are the rockstar bathroom over here. We got two of those toilets sitting right back there and a big shelf up here, lots of room to put, you know, all of our toothbrushes and things like that.

And there's a little makeup towels right there. There is an actual outlet in the bathroom, which is kind of neat. We have a rechargeable toothbrush and we're able to just plug it right in, right here in the bathroom, nice or under Mirror Ledger, you can just tuck away some stuff up there that you don't want to put on the main counter.

Really nice, generous sink is a single thing, but a really nice, big, generous thing. So plenty of room for two people to get ready. Now, this is the one funny thing about this bathroom. See, that is a peekaboo shower right in front of us. And as you can see, I'm just sitting here on the toilet.

So, you know, if you like watching. Yourself, I. Think. This is the bathroom for you. It's kind of funny. It actually makes me laugh. Shower has just a stunning ring for it. Big shower, head at the top. Get your control sitting right over here and there is a bench to sit on back there, little shelf for all your stuff and then a little water wand back here as well.

But a big, beautiful bathroom in here set up.

I know you're dying to see the balcony, but first of all, let me. Show you the control system. It's actually like a little tablet right here. Where we can control the light. We control.

The shade. Like I can just say right now, I want to close the shade. And these are the blackout shade. Goodbye. I'm going to get very dark, see it. And then they have. All kind of like fun. Like mood lighting, if you want to play with that, if you want to get it on, you just hit get on. And then.

And now we've got the pink lights on. Which is awesome. And I think they're actually going to change colors, which is really a lot of fun.

Turn on the TV. You have all the control down here, like the volume and all of that. Plus you can like select various movies right from this thing Hit Play, it comes up on the TV. So basically you run the entire cabin through this little guy. And my favorite thing I think so far that Virgin Voyages has done is this bracelet.

Look, I don't know how small this thing is. It's so light. This is our room key. This is how we pay for drinks is how we pay for anything, really, with virgin voyages. So no card, no lanyard, none. No big strap around. This is really sweet. I wish the entire cruise industry would get something nice and small and light like this.

Now you all want to see the balcony, don't you? Let's go out. And then when you step outside your doors, you are greeted by this massive 550 square foot balcony or thereabouts. We have honestly never had a balcony this big and all of the cruises we have ever taken. And it is one of the reasons why we.

Wanted this particular suite, because.Of this wraparound balcony. This is the view. Looking straight back, you can hear the wake. This is the view. Looking straight back and you've got the dock down below us. And that is the view from the corner. And then the hammock is over on the side of the ship. From the side of the balcony you can look all the way down.The port side of the ship. All in all, a very impressive balcony.

And that's a look at a cheeky corner suite cabin 12 011a here on the lovely Scarlet Lady. Again, thanks so much for joining us. Please do subscribe if you haven't and click the little bell icon let you'll be notified when we have new content. And if there's any questions that I can answer about cruising, please put them down in the comments.

Thank you so much for watching and have an amazing day. Do and click that little bell icon and if you have no do you see what I'm working with? Do you see this? What the hell? She came walking in and I'm trying to do a stand up. Oh, oh. Now she looking in. Now she's looking in. Oh, my God, she's so annoying. I got groupies now, one minute, one minute.


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