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Buon Pane Italiano, Miami South Beach

Amazing Bread and Desserts Reminds me of Arthur Avenue. (the Bronx)

The Facts:

CUISINE: Italian Bakery.  Bread, Pizza, Desserts, Cookies, Cannolis

LOCATION: 729 5th St, Miami Beach, Florida

Spotted this bakery during our research before the trip and I was immediately drawn in by the images of the breads.  So we stopped by here after a day of walking for a little grab and go. The bread looked simply divine but we opted to go with a cannoli and cup of cappuccino. What a great combination, the cannoli was delicious.

If you’re looking for amazing Italian bread, this is definite the place to find that too, especially if you’re familiar with Arthur Avenue bread from the Bronx, NY. That’s what this bakery reminded me of.  My gosh if you live in this area, this should be your bakery for all bread.  Great little spot on 5th street.


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