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Lucky Llama Coffee, Carpinteria California

Outstanding Coffee, Acai Bowls and Atmosphere

The Facts:

CUISINE: Coffee House – Breakfast, Acai Bowls, Teas

LOCATION: 5100 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, California

This is one of the best coffee shop experiences I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful for all the reviews on Trip Advisor that sent me here.

First off, when you’re driving up to the location, you’ll see the sign for the Rincon Bicycle shop at the street, this is where you turn in to the parking lot. The Lucky Llama is on the side of the bike shop. You can also park out on the street and walk up. I actually missed the turn my first time pulling in because I didn’t see the Llama sign on the side of the building.

I stopped here most days of my weeklong trip for morning Acai bowls and a coffee and then returned again in the early evening for another latte or cappuccino. Coffees are incredibly flavorful with no bitterness. The coffee drinks are served to perfection with some nice barista design work. I always got the large coffees.

I’ve never had an Acai bowl until I visited the Llama and they’re great ways to start the day. It’s almost like a frozen smoothie in a bowl mixed with any manner of fresh ingredients. I started off with the Moon Bowl and worked my way through a few of the other variants. All excellent and got me going without feeling like I was bloated in the morning. In fact, this experience totally changed the way I have breakfast at home and I still start most days with an Acai bowl which has resulted in me losing and maintaining my weight.

The outdoor patio is so pleasant to enjoy. Just overall a fantastic, local and very authentic coffee house experience.


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