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Milani Gelateria, Miami South Beach

BEST GELATO in Miami – Made Fresh in the Store each day.

The Facts:

CUISINE: Gelato (Italian ice cream)

LOCATION: 436 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, Florida

Holy toledo, I thought we had good gelato in some other South Beach places, but Milani is it. The proprietor hails from Italy and makes the gelato fresh, each day, right in the store. You can actually see the gelato machine behind the counter. Just one, and he makes it all right there.

The gelato is presented in a really fun “wheel of fortune” style with a rotating display. We went with the nutella and the chocolate chip flavors. The flavors can vary every day depending on what is in season. I don’t care where you are staying in South Beach, this is absolutely worth the walk or drive to get to Milani. It’s about a 10 – 15 minute walk from the Villa Italia Hotel.


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